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There are several lives I recall.

The most recent was in the mid/late 1800s it appears. I only recall fragments. I seem to have been Amish, or perhaps Mennonite, and a 'mere housewife'. It was a very peaceful life, seems to have most likely been in Pennsylvania. It was an uneventful but yet very influential life--I still love the culture and crafts. It would not surprise me if my fea,  my Spirit, incarnated within the hroa or body of my soulmate's ancestors, who emigrated here from the Black Forest in Germany, from Wales, and from southern France--the Mennonites actually had larger numbers in Switzerland (upon which Tolkien supposedly modelled our home, Imladris...supposedly, that is...) and in France (in Cathar territory, curiously).

Prior to that...a life in Ancient Egypt, or Kemet as it was called...was much more...painful.

I was some sort of priestess, in the 6th century, wholly Human. My loved one, my soulmate, he was of Elvenkind, or something between an Angel and an Elf. Tall, willowy, slender. The Seleucids were in charge, and the area I lived was of a radically anti-Elf perspective.* He was badly injured by people with such bigotry and I healed him. We fell in love, him so tall and dainty and pale and delicate, myself short and swarthy and of a sturdy north African genetic admixture with dark reddish brown skin and wavy, crinkly, rust-coloured hair and gray eyes. We wanted to flee Kemet, to a far off land where his kind were still respected if not loved, close to his ancestors. A mob of angry folk cut off our escape route, and in my effort to protect him I was killed--two fatal stab wounds to my abdomen, a sword to the lower right and a dagger to the mid-upper left. I bled to death, fading into blackness in his arms.

And prior to that...a fragment of a memory, really, but it is something akin to Lord of the Rings. The aftermath of a war being a massive flood, our home was somewhere in what is now Europe. A forest in the mountains, a palace hidden from the world. But now it lies beneath a lake, I suspect. That palace was where I...re-materialised? I was already "dead", so to speak; something had happened to my body. But I re-materialised, to where my love was. He was someone much akin to Elrond, I was someone much akin to Celebrian. I embraced him, knowing that the destruction of evil sadly had its own repercussions, and we were washed away, as the last great flood swept clean much of Europe, creating the Mediterranean Sea, followed by awful desertification of vast areas once controlled by the one I shall not even mention. We returned to the All, in that deluge. 

Now, reborn in our own family bloodlines, we are addressing some of those old wounds. We are repairing our love and beginning anew...

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Comment by Morell Sunweaver on April 20, 2018 at 12:56am

What an adventures you had been through.

Comment by Morell Sunweaver on April 19, 2018 at 3:45pm

Sahara was made by atomic explosions, it isn't natural desert. That is even scientificaly proven.

Multi Dimensional Reality

The world as you know it - all that you see, taste, feel and touch, comprises only about 5% of all of the stuff of the universe. The other 95% is what we have considered "nothing" or the "firmament" or the heavens or mystic Other Worlds. This 95% is multi-dimensional and consists of potential realities that may be perceived.


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