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It was then Samson’s turn to visit for the day and he always makes sure I am aware of his presence as I prepare for my morning shower. Telepathically I thank him for being near and he in turn thanks me for letting him be my guide for this day. He is short of stature, about ten inches and weighing bout three pounds. He loves strawberry waffles but as a typical Faery, he hovers above the morsel in orb form to extract the nutrients and vitamins that give him the energy he so richly deserves for his hard work. He like most gnomes loves us of the Humankind but he finds it most difficult to trust us as a race; a race that somewhere along the line has gone totally bonkers.

He reminds me of the days that we shared the gardening duties on this planet. Days gone by that we were more than friends, we were brothers. Following a nuclear winter brought about by an arrant meteor, the Faeries were transported to this planet to become the caretakers of the merging tropical splendor. Not long after, 800 years or so, their cousins the Hobbit, were also brought to the earth to assist with this endeavor. Living in peace and harmony was easy for these beings as they embraced their situation with each breath.

65,000 plus years ago two distant star races came to this world to do two exact opposite things. One of the star races was here to observe the inhabitants of this wondrous place and they chose not to interfere with the natural progression of the order. Now the other star race was far different. Their sciences were superior and they felt they needed test subjects in order to further their own planetary needs. Both races resembled one another as tall, seven feet or better, hairless, elongated pointed ears that aim backwards at a slight angle. Long hands and fingers that resembled the angelics but they served a far darker purpose.

They began to cross their DNA in with the lower life forms and the delivery of the half animal-half human like creatures to this earth began. As they progressed many new species were formed, the fawns, satyrs, mermaids, centaurs to name a few. These beings were transmuted for personal gain that never quite materialized. The last experimentation of note was the taking the most intelligent life form on the planet, the Hobbit, and injecting their star race DNA. The missing link, Humankind, was embodied and written history for this has yet to be fully written.

It is known by those of us who have survived what you know as time, that the Hobbit race would be little more than discovering the musket if it had not been for these intrusive meddlers from the stars. 45,000 years ago there was a great disagreement between these two star races and a nuclear war came about. The region known to Humankind as Pakistan, India was engulfed in the flames of an all out nuclear war. The Island now known as Sri Lanka is what remains of the fabled city of Atlantis as it and its million inhabitants slide into the blue of your Indian Ocean.

This is but a quick overview of your time and you must understand that your history is about to repeat. Your heritage has delivered you to a place of destruction and shame, a shame that most of you do not realize yet. The mainstay of this shame is the humiliation that you have delivered to Mother Earth and it is non repairable. In the next two years you as a race will begin to see what you have sewn. Your molecules are ever faster and faster with each of your day’s that pass.

It is much like the beings of the Star breeding as their molecules sped up on their spiritual quest 2,800 years in the past. They hop scotched from the third dimension to the fourth as the peoples before Christ believed they were in the presence of Gods. There are Star beings, angelics, elementals, dragons and beings of myth that walk among you at this time in your history. Some are here for the good and to guide you towards the light of the creator and simply put, others are not.

You are about to do make the spiritual journey for your soul, stepping from this dimension into the fourth and fifth. Many of you will fail to make this journey because of what you have done to this planet. Others will not make it because your enemy awaits you in the corridor between dimensions. And your enemy will do what ever it must to keep you in the darkness of your arrogance and greed. In the coming days I will share with you what I understand to be the plight of Humankind.

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