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I should have known something was up, after all, I'd just bent down and picked a five leaf clover from the lawn. Continuing my walk to the cove on the edge of the Straight of Juan de Fuca I felt a quixotic notion to open an intuitive connection with an Elf!

After establishing his name~ Alberich said, "Well, I have a gift for you". Elves seem quite into exchange I was to find out. They love the giving and receiving of gifts. Maybe that's why we see them in popular culture as Santa's helpers?

Anyway, I was guided to a wooded area up from the beach and in particular to a vivacious white clump of Ocean Spray. "This is know to the Elves as Elf Flower," said the Elf. Each little flower in the clump had five petals that made a five pointed Elven star. I thought back to the five leaf clover and then remembered the five pointed star crop circle that had just appeared in Wiltshire the day before. Three fives~ calling me to pay attention and hold on tight for an interesting ride! I wouldn't be disappointed.

Alberich said there was a message that the Elves had for us and it would help prepare us for the coming dimension shifts of 2012. He said that in the coming transition, dimensions would overlap and that there would be a time when Humans and Elves could see each other and converse with ease.

The message of the Elves was not to be afraid but to enjoy this when it happens and take advantage of the opportunity. Humans with partial Elemental soul heritage would be especially attractive for contact and they needed to be prepared and made aware, if they were to gain the greatest benefit from meeting face to face. Alberich said that Humans and Elves once had a deep and meaningful relationship but that was about 13000 years ago. While, humans lost their collective memory during the great fall of Atlantis, the Elves did not! During this coming time of transition we will be able to regain the lost history of human kind by meeting and questioning the returning Elementals, according to Alberich.

What was our relationship like with the Elves before the Great Atlantean Fall?

"In those days there lived humans of especially high frequency. These were the Mystics and a tall and sylphlike people they were too. How we loved to be in their presence as they raised our vibration making us more solid and more able to converse with ease. We, you see, had had a very long relationship of co-creation with humans. In fact we ourselves were the result of co-creative activities so long ago. Generally we the Elves, were the closest to the humans and were regarded as advisors to them. Some of us became friends, soul friends, to the Atlanteans and became deeply involved with those whose task it was to hold the energy grids of the times and ameliorate the mistakes of the past. In fact, such an effort led to the experiments that brought about the Great Fall.

Long ago, you see, the Elves were co-created in your third dimensional world. We were once with you physically, but as times changed we choose to retreat into the Earth, we call the second dimension. Now as the Earth is released to her rightful vibration once again, we have been, through soul agreement, able to partially reincarnate with humans. These humans have partial Elemental soul heritage~ some call them "hybrids". The ongoing work of releasing the Earth towards her full vibration has been successful. So successful in fact, that you will soon be able to see us in our totality in your third dimension. A great return and reunion will be taking place! Like the 'extinct' animals that are beginning to return all over the earth in these days, it is also our will to come back to share this time with you."

Are there any full Elves on the Earth with us in the third dimension today?

"Yes. Over 23,000 Elves are scattered thinly around the planet today and living quite fully in the third dimension. We look quite human and are usually small boned and reclusive by nature. Despite your popular depiction, Elves do not have pointed ears."

In the forest behind my family's retreat on Vancouver Island, I've set up a granite vision post where I sometimes offer gifts to the Nature Spirits and connect in meditation with them. The Elf loves apple cider, pine nuts and oranges. Also I've been taking digital photos of the spot and when I zoom in on the photos I've been seeing some curious shapes that look very much like the Nature Spirits and Elementals themselves! You have to squint your eyes a bit and use your imagination~ and have a playful attitude~ to make it work. I decided to ask the Elf about my results.

Alberich, tell me your perspective on the photos of the Nature Spirit's I'm taking?

"We in the fifth and second dimensions use light to 'appear' in the third dimension. I like your term 'Pixel Pixies' because we appear in the shadows often using negative space to define our features. Digital photography enhances your ability to capture our ability to play with light. A playful lot, the Nature Spirits often mimic you! For example, should you connect with us with your companion animal present, don't be surprised to see us 'materialise' in your photos with companion animals too!

As for us 'unseen Elves', we went into the Earth sometime ago with other co-creations~ the Chimera, Unicorns, Fauns, Gnomes, Pixies, Dwarves and more. As we use light in your realm to reassemble our images the size we take on (usually quite small) may not reflect our true nature. It is our hope that this too will soon change as the dimensional portals open and our kind once again is with yours as in times of olde. Now Enjoy your orange with me!"

What about the help you requested in opening such a gate for your people~ the unseen Elves unable to exit the second dimension?

"The Elves have been taking advantage of periodic openings in naturally occurring portals. Those who are in transition line up to pass through these rare openings. Now that the 'web of life', or Unity Grid, is restored above and around the Earth, portals are being readied for sustained use once more. This will take a group effort. Be patient and open hearted for I send forth ambassadors to greet you. Those who have already gone through, they will know of these things and the opportunity will present itself to work together to create a peaceful transition for us all."

What are the origins and purpose of the relationship between Elves and Humans?

"The co-created Elves became spiritual companions to the High Priest Class of Atlantis. In those days Humans lived for a span of 500 years on average and Elves for 2000 years. When a High Priest or Priestess was born an Elf of matching gender was chosen to be their Soul Friend and record keeper. When the human companion died the companion Elf would wait patiently for his human friend's reincarnation. He then would raise the human and teach him all he'd know in his previous life. The spiritual work of the human would continue then in continuity for 4 or 5 lifetimes with the same Elf as soul friend, teacher, and memory of accumulated experience, wisdom, and knowledge for the human. Great work was done in these times and significant spiritual advancement attainted amongst the adepts of Atlantis thanks to their relationship with Elves."

How did the relationship between the Elves and Humans change during the end-times of Atlantis?

"The height of the 3-D eleven populations at the time of Atlantis was 2.3 million. With the fall of Atlantis the majority of the Elves could no longer abide the craziness of the mind shattered humans who survived the destruction. Almost half of the Elves died in the cataclysm. 75% of the survivors decided to retreat into the 2nd dimension through 3 open stargates over a period of hundred years. Of those who stayed on the Earth in 3-D reality, their numbers dwindled to just over 2,000. The stargates have long been closed and the majority of the Elven population is in the 2nd dimension, waiting to join us for this 2012 transition time."

Alberich, as a 5th dimensional being, you could choose to appear here in the third dimension. Why can't I see you?

"As High King of the Elves, I choose to remain with the majority of my people waiting for the right time to lead them home."

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Comment by Nevin on March 21, 2011 at 1:10pm
I love that term "Returning Host", John-Paul.   For they return in their Merkaba's or light bodies~ chariots of the soul.   Just like a Heavenly Host.     I love that name Eilir, it shares many of the same sound pieces as Alberich's hidden name, as does Aeon ~Alberich's hidden name is:  Ealimon High King of the Elves.     Connecting the mind with the heart can ignite great beams of light appearing to come from the head.   This, in fact, is Drunvalo's Melchizek's latest and current meditation practice and teaching.  You've shared a powerful, and truthful vision!   I'm looking forward to hearing more of what you and Eilir have to say.
Comment by John-Paul Riley on March 21, 2011 at 12:43pm
I'd enjoy a very long real-time conversation with you, Ted.  The Fey who delivered his formal message is coming closer into contact with me.  His name is Eilir, and he is in training to be a Shining Fey, those Fey who are so steeped in wisdom, experience, and love that they shine with the glory of divine light and ripple as a flowing stream amongst the currents of divine shadow.   His title is the Herald of the Returning Host, whose job it is to speak for the Queen of the Returning Host, who flashes beams of loving-wisdom from her crown as proof of Aeon's blessing.  Eilir is asking me to create space in my life to work with others to collect, record, and breathe life into all that he and others wish to say.

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