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At 8:01am on October 30, 2013, Morell Sunweaver said…

I want to, but not now, in time I will post something directly here, bud till then you can visit my deviant profile, where I have some older works.

my deviantART

At 12:52am on October 28, 2013, Morell Sunweaver said…

Thanks. I use computer, for my works often go on my blog. But when I don't have computer with me, then I use normal paper. Also poerty is eazier to write on paper.

And drawings and painings - pencils, temper colors (don't know proper translatilon), of corse graphic program, photofiltre. (too weak computer for Photoshop)

Wow, I see that it is so late, where you are, I have so nice morning sun right here... (GTM +1) Have a nice dreams.

At 4:10pm on September 26, 2013, Alysha Chellew said…

Well I learned that I was Elven about a year ago before my husband left. I began to have visions which led me to Druidry. The more I studied the more I was able to do...One night I remember I went back to a place I knew but couldn't remember. I met my mother and my father there and they have been with me ever since. My father and I fought at the time the veil was set between the world of humans and our otherworld. Sadly I died in battle in the human world in an attempt to save others like us from being killed by the humans. My purpose is observe and spread the word of the Elves. To care for the earth and bring it back to balance. 

At 2:55am on September 26, 2013, Ashelyn said…

Thank you so much for getting back, and I guess its natural for me, but time didn't seem to bother me at all and I am very glad you have become a new friend in this strange world. I didn't grow up with any sources to understand who I was and when I did finally meet someone who was able to piece together instances in my life that explained what I was, it was from a relative from a previous lifetime that I am glad I finally met. So thank you so much and I am eager and excited to be able to learn from you.

At 7:22am on June 27, 2013, ♥FairiePrincess♥ said…

♥ Sending Love and Light to you my dear friend ♥

At 5:12pm on May 5, 2013, Finn Lakewood said…

you wonder through my thoughts as well! missing you! and, always sending infinite LOVE your way<333

At 10:06am on May 1, 2013, Lesley Ankers said…

Thank you very much for adding me how kind blessed be xxxxx

At 12:43pm on April 13, 2013, kamala wolf said…

it is only the one....he is ten, will be eleven august 30.....yesterday  we were walking through a wooded area and he said he sensed elvish presence nearby....suggested that someday he and i journey off into the forest to search.....

At 12:27pm on March 19, 2013, Thomas F. Ferguson (Tom) said…
Tara, thank you for your comments. The Way of the Elven is important to me. It has been my life for many years, and has given me a feeling of joy and growing completeness in this confusing life. I have finished Elvenworld and enjoyed it very much and await Vol 2.
I follow both the Goddess and God and my faith is found in my understanding of the Elven Star. I still have a long way to grow, but each day is a beautiful experience.
Thank you again, Tom
At 9:57pm on January 9, 2013, ♥FairiePrincess♥ said…

Tara , 

I wanted to stop by and say hello . Your a sweetheart and a pleasure to chat with . Sending you love and light always and I am so proud to be a member here . 

At 12:09pm on October 14, 2012, Coffee Bird said…

Thank you, I'm so glad to have found this community. Hopefully i will have worthy things to post and share! I write poetry sometimes and draw or take photos-but mostly there are novels in my head, which are only about a quarter of the way written right now. I go to college, and it's gotten busy since I'm a single mom (with an almost two year old girl) working towards an environmental engineering degree, and someday architecture) hopefully. To most people it seems like a dichotomy that i pursue a degree in something so linear and 'scientific' when i am such a 'dreamer'! But i think in the world in my heart there is no dichotomy between art and science. In fact, i think that ongoing illusion is a big problem in this world... (it pervades our educational system, our society, everything really...) i still plan to write those stories, because if they inspire even one person then they were meant to be.The next book i'll be reading is Elven World.

At 2:14pm on October 4, 2012, Elfera (Champion of the Green) said…

Hello Tara,  For many years the reality of the elven world stayed in the background of my consciousness, peeking out now and then. it has been said by evolved beings that imagination is the true reality, as your higher self speaks to you through your imagination.  My first strange experience was on Maui many years ago, while sitting at a friend's home.  I was looking out her window at her lovely garden when I became aware of the presence of what I took to be fairies, although now I realize they were the emisaries of my elven community.  Now realize this was a telepathic communication  which was intensely real to me.  They asked me if I was ready to join their world again.  Had I had enough of being human?  Well, truth to be told I had way more than enough of being human, but not being one to admit failure, I said "no " I had not finished what I needed to do and learn. Being an empath, as well as a seer, I felt the distinctive difference between  the human and fairy/elven emotional nature.  I will write an article about this difference in the near future. I am being asked to  channel information that will be helpfull to all living on earth now  from my other-dimensional Elven community.  I am in the process of moving from Arizona back to my former home ain Hawaii so I may not get to the internet more than once a week until then.  In the meantime if you or anyone has any questions, please ask and I will telepathically get the answer for you if it is being offered. The group of Elvens I am in contact with  have an agenda to assist at this time all who are remembering and wanting to walk the path of beauty and return home, so from this point on I will be reporting  "The Elven Agenda".  Beauty Blessings to you, Elfera

At 6:45pm on September 25, 2012, Mackenzie Ferry said…

Hey T.E.!

I am sorry for not getting in touch with you. I have been so busy with my rehearsal, the musical Titanic. I've been having blocks on drawing Elves. I am SO sorry! I would be honored if you make my "Christmas Elf" an illustration for Elvenworld! Thank you.

At 4:31pm on February 12, 2012, Mackenzie Ferry said…

About your comment on my "Christmas Elf", I want to thank you! I might as well make an illustration for Elvenworld. I'm not sure, but I'll think about it.

At 10:46am on February 12, 2012, WoodlandMage said…

I've fallen in love with the natural pictures you've taken. The energy you capture and the essence of the site in general is intoxicating.

Thank you for sharing.

At 10:48am on January 13, 2012, Daniel "AloeMantis" said…

Hi Tara – I should be back in more regularly again after a long journey of self discovery. Sorry I haven’t been around lately, but I’ve had lots on my mind and wanted time to take everything in along the way. – I’ve had the interest in Shakespearian past lives with several different views from psychic friends over the years. During this passed summer I joined on a bigger trip to a psychic specializing in the Akashic Records with interests in the Sumerian / Egyptian / Atlantis mythologies in relation to the 4D higher consciousness. From there, I’ve heard about my ET connections to a Star Family, yet an agreement was made to have no memories of them, and in that sense becoming an innocent or ‘renewed soul’ on Earth, which I could understand as often feeling unique and new to everything. My interests in the childhood story of ‘The Little Prince’ relates a lot to the Indigo / Starchild idea and message. Also I’d say David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust totally resonates. – I’ve been getting more involved in writing for the LGBT communities and better understand myself as an androgynous and feminine person, which comes back to the colourful Shakespearian side :^) Although hard to explain or express at times, I’m feeling that all is going well. I’ll have more to post soon and glad to keep in touch with you. Blessings /|\ ~ Daniel // P.S. I’m still hearing to seek my closer Gaia Earth connection lol, finding my way to the Elven paths is helping me lots with that.

At 2:27pm on December 24, 2011, Mackenzie Ferry said…

  Thank so much for welcoming me with open arms! I hope to share my beautiful drawings of elves, if possible. I'm dying to find stories and mythology of Elves to grab inspiration for my characters for....I don't know, maybe a story...

At 3:32pm on December 18, 2011, Tillie Trixie said…

Thank you oh so very kindly for the comments dear friend and I shall continue to spread the true kindness I have been blessed with to all I come in contact with and the wisdom I am learning from the elders all over the universe wherever they may be.

At 3:38pm on July 15, 2011, Gaea said…
Thank you for you kindness, Tara.  I look forward to reading the suggested material.  I appreciate that you allowed me access to your group!  Blessings!
At 11:13pm on June 29, 2011, Olwë Anwamanë said…
joined mailing list to read the book but.. the pag for the book will not open

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