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As someone who is a psychic vampire, I am so frustrated at how we are always portrayed as evil and a force to be protected against, even by all the `love and light` new agers. Rather we should be celebrated for our psychic gifts and magical abilities. Does anyone else agree/disagree?

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Absolutely Morell, but if someone is new to the concept of psychic vampires, I thought the basic definitions may be appropriate. There are of course elemental, sang, sexual and hybrid vamps, plus so many more.

Oh c'mon, anyon who would read few profiles here is far from being a newbie in variety of kins. Tara leads it here, she has met many various elves and faes, I find it hardly possible that she would not realise this variety.

(I can be wrong of course)

Well, Tara asked what a psychic vampire is a few comments back so I provided an answer.
Well, Tara asked what a psychic vampire is a few comments back so I provided an answer.

Thing i find interesting is almost everything is in a way psychic vampire. As Everything takes in energy from something else. Even when one may not be aware of it. Though there are some who are aware of it and live off it. Just as Leanan Sidhe, Succubus, Incubus, there are many Fae beings. As well as beings that are not fae but many see as demons. There are even people who will feed off the energy of others the same.  They also mentioned beings not of this earth who also feed on energy of others.   Just as some Leanan Sidhe will feed to the point of taking the life of another, Though there are many Leanan Sidhe who will not as they say why take the life when one can feed off it for a very long time. Again other beings do this as well. I do not consider my self a Vampire. Though I do have taken energy from another Tuatha De Danann or Sidhe when needed but it is mutual. Maybe its cause I needed the energy for healing, Maybe for another reason. Usually I will take energy from rains, earth, streams, lakes, or such. Again it is mutual. Thought I would share my thoughts on this as well :)

Ah, yes, very true.

Every group has its own spirituality, vampires have their specific one, just like any other group.

Compassion is not a trait of the faint of heart, that I can assure you.

Some people are able to live without food and even water. It seems to enhance them to receive energy from air, sunlight and vibration. That said, there are few. And besides, there are very few vibrations within humankind that I would ever be willing to take into myself. This is also why many people are vegetarian. child trafficking and its horrors on the news daily. So probably they are some reasons it would be a trigger for many people. This is entirely different than identifying with moss or lichen or vulture or wolf aspects of nature. Native Americans and ancient Celts prayed to the animals before consuming and shamans learn to get life energy from the unseen. The consumption/recycling of the dead things is part of life.

I could never be vegetarian. My ex was and I did try to be for a while it  left me feeling weak and not 100%. Also did get laughed at from a few Sidhe and Tuatha De Danann family members who are around me. Still I did try. So i need my meats. Just as the Tuatha De Danann and Sidhe around me do in the OtherWorld. They too enjoy their meats. What is hunted and taken there is out of much respect, and honored. I do the same while here. I honor and give respect to what i take as well. 

Life without food fascinates me. With exception of having choolate in hands.  Agree that humanity doesn't have much tasty energies, that relly makes one picky.

Many looks at it as causing harm to others:(

Oriel said:

Many looks at it as causing harm to others:(

XD Because it is. Not many trully understand what it is like being a vampire. It is great blessing, that curses you. People just take it as a bad thing, which is not wrong, so even some psi vamps just consider it wrong and refuse to accept who they are, which harms them just like others.

Very true Morell, but draining someone of energy is like draining someone of blood. Small amounts isn't too bad but too much can be lethal.

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