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I've been here long most probably. It seems so, or it is that I'm warrior and have to deal with this task.

The weird but true fact is, that I need engative energy fro my well being. To be specific I need to balance living and tasting of both postitive and negative energy in balanced mount, that fits me.

No, I hurt no one. I do not cause anyone to suffer for my pleasure. There is good resource for those like me. Mine is computer games. My PC is full of them and they are all violent. To be true, I lick my lips, while seing my screen filled with blood, it calms me. It is good that there are such games. Many people get their needed experiences of fight without really needing to fight or endanger anyone including themselves.

I do not know how you look at it or at me now, I just lay it bare here. The games on computer are exelent thing, if you learn that it is something, that belongs only on the PC screen and nowhere else and when you find out your right mount of needed time with them. Many souls here know about suffering and are adicted to negative energy. This is great solution and should not be denied to them... OK, to us.

It is weird, who I am, I feel like so peacefull elf and yet like warrior, who can't wait to feel blood on lips again. Balancing that, however, brings peace and power, feeling of being myself in power and yet... remaining very friendly being towards others.

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Comment by Morell on July 8, 2016 at 10:41pm

So it seems, Love is missing mamong humans and even among the gods here. There is a lot to fix here...

Comment by T.E. Pelton on July 8, 2016 at 7:28am
There is darkness and light shadow. Please remember that humans are still programmed to take orders whereas you are not. So be responsible as a guide. You may know yourself but humans in general are social animals who respond on very basic level to mimic what they see, even without judgement. Please don't be stopped from communicating here but at the same time, many, like me, are working very hard to help humankind evolve to a higher awareness. It is hard when they are afraid. It is even harder when violence is prevalent. Far as I know violence always comes from anger or frustration (unless hunting). When someone has experienced trauma or other things it can cause much anger and in this case, identified, the games probably help to release it. But for many it is a teaching tool. I don't think anyone can say one way is the right way. Hopefully children and everyone are given love. That seems to be missing everywhere in this world.
Comment by Arbellason Marucha on June 29, 2016 at 10:11am

Knowing what one is like inside and what they are truly capable of is very important as not knowing oneself can lead to problems when dealing with problems we are faced with. As far as negative energy goes there are two types, one is detrimental the other is constructive. Knowing which type you are using is impossible to know as different things give people different energetic feedback. The major difference in the two is that one helps you learn and balance yourself while the other does nothing but waste your time. In my opinion game can be either, some provide more learning experiences than a day with people, others help you to learn how to deal with the social nightmares of mankind. It is important to remember however than although games provide the ideal learning getaway, one must not lose themselves entirely in them. As for why there must be negativity, well without negativity we would have no appreciation of the good. If anyone wants to add me on steam ask away.

Comment by Morell on June 15, 2016 at 9:07am

Many do not admit it, you know the religions, positive and light are only good and only some are allowed to dictate, what is good and for everyone. Very bad system. I do not approve chystianity.

Thinking of it, some beings are only positive, but there is adaptation, good, but also dangerous. We can adapt to this world, but then we turn to be the ones iin need of world with negativity. I have to think deeply on this, but seems like there must be some negativity here, simply to ensure variety and health of some...

Comment by Coffee Bird on June 13, 2016 at 1:09pm

i think it is wonderful you know that about yourself. it is dangerous when people don't know it, or don't admit it.

and also makes a lot of sense, what you say

Comment by Morell on June 12, 2016 at 11:04am

An uneasy queston to answer. I fear that in my case it is my own dual nature as you say. Sometimes I seek positive energy and enjoy it, but if there is too big misbalance, I loose all taste for it and feel that this way causes me to loose power. Than I need to balance it with negativity, fight in those games. That helps me to feel power and I enjoy it, until I loose taste and desire calmness and peace of positivity again. It is nor easy to keep the balance wirhout those "weak" states.
Yet better than only negative one. But i do not believe that there is some spirit with only negative energy.
Lucky for us there are multiple ways to gain this kind of energy, sports for example, espefialy matrial arts as box, medieval fights and so on.

Comment by T.E. Pelton on June 11, 2016 at 7:19pm
Do you think it is because of the dual nature from birth or need to be taught how to survive in such a violent world? Are some hunters, by nature? Like my cat needs to practice pouncing. Video games enable you to tangibly live another dimension. I worry using it to teach people who Don't know how to use it. I watch news which is very negative, but it impels me to act in a positive way because it is negative. Also, I have a friend who says negative things sometimes, but it's not serious and I am more positive in my response because of the challenge.

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