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The word Chakra means “wheel” in Sanskrit.  A Chakra is a spinning wheel of energy that is found within each one of us.   It is a spinning vortex of energy created within us by the interpenetration of consciousness and the physical body. The Chakra system is a map of consciousness. It is a complete system of seven spinning vortexes of energy.  They enable us to manifest and act in the material world, to bring abstracts into solidity.  It is through the chakras that our expressions are directed.

Our Chakra system is comprised of 3 upper Chakras, which liberate and expand us.  They govern our inner pursuits and our inner worlds.  They are a demonstration of our Spiritual Human.

The 4th Chakra is the connecting bridge between the lower and the upper bodies. It is the place where the animal human and the divine/spiritual human meet.  It is the pivoting point of our physical and spiritual world.

The lower three Chakras represent our interaction with the material world.  They demonstrate our Animal Human.

There are 7 major Chakras and 122 minor Chakras.  Our Chakras are linked to sounds, light, colors, planets, crystals, the elements, and many other key essentials of the universe.

During our lives our Chakras may become blocked or too open or too closed, creating a ‘stuckness’ within that particular area. This results in our presenting behaviors and patterns, as well as our physical ailments.  Our Chakras control the patterns from which we live, how we live, and what we present to the world.  To heal these patterns is to bring our Chakras into total balance and alignment. That is, to connect to our higher selves and to realize the oneness that is.

Our blockages may come from past mental traumas, physical traumas, and they may also have been inherited from our ancestors.  (Miasmatic)

Root Chakra

The first Chakra is the base or Root Chakra. The original Sanskrit name for this Chakra is Muladhara.  It is located at the base of the spine   The Root Chakra contains our attitudes about life that have been handed down from generation to generation.  It is said to contain the primary 8 cells that have all the knowledge of our creation.  It carries our “DNA” of who and what we are.   Here you will find the only cells in your body that do not change within your lifetime. It is the Root Chakra that grounds or Roots us in the physical world.   It encompasses our stability, our foundation, shelter, and our survival.  When we see someone reacting and living from this Chakra, with an excess of energy in this area, we may see someone who is very dictatorial and impatient. Their concerns are very deeply rooted in the material world.  Their worries cover areas such as money, possessions, control, and perfectionism. We may also see the opposite due to an energy block.  We will see the individual exhibit a lack of energy, a lack of drive, lack of support, a general under functioning (Psoric Miasm).

The Root Chakra is associated to the planet Earth (Grounding) and it corresponds to our sense of smell, physical energy and vitality. Here also, say the yogis, sleeps the magic serpent known as the kundalini. It lies coiled at the base of the spine and symbolizes the basic evolutionary life force. Once awakened it will rise through the spine to the crown of the head and may trigger enlightenment in the practitioner of these methods.

The Root Chakra is also connected to our fight or flight response. The basic physical components energetically connected to the base Chakra aside from the Adrenal glands would include the colon, the rectum, our legs, which physically ground us to this earth, the Lymph system, skeletal system (teeth and bones), the bladder and eliminatory system, and our lower back, which gives us support.   For those who are familiar with Louise Hay, you will note that she associates the back with our stability, whether it is financial, or emotional.  It is due to the connection of the skeletal system that this Chakra may also be linked to the Syphilitic miasm.

The Primary color associated with this Chakra is red.  With each primary color we also find a secondary color.  The secondary color for the Root Chakra is green.  When we are treating an illness by using the energy of the colors, any imbalance can be treated, or corrected with its opposite or secondary color.  So if we see that there is an overabundance of red energy coming from the Root Chakra we may use the color green to bring balance to the Chakra, and vice versa.   You may want to incorporate the use of the Color remedies into your practice.  I have seen many great results with these remedies.


Australian Bush Essences

Red Lily-For disconnection, split, lack of focus, day dreamy, grounds, focuses and brings one into the present and connected to their source

Sundew (drosera)-Good for indecisive people, for those who tend to be unfocused especially in work related areas, for being in the present.  Disconnected

Fringe Violet - When damage or trauma has been done to our auric field

Gray Spider - Extreme terror or panic.  Primordial fear, the intense fear found in the spider family

Macrocarpa – (Eucalyptus) – Strong affinity to the Adrenals.  Renews vitality and energy.  Low immunity, burn-out and exhaustion.

Alaskan Gem Remedies

Brazilian Quartz– For all Chakras and a weak connection to the earth, heals, energizes and cleanses. The essence of cleansing white light; synchronizes and harmonizes our auric field, the subtle bodies, and the physical body to the earth’s natural vibration.

Pyrite-Easily influenced by others, not in relationships that are beneficial, solidifies values and standing up for oneself.  Helps one solidify and honor one’s values.

Malachite–For 1-4 Chakras, grounds, aligns-physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Ruby–1-2 Chakras, clarifies physical presence in the body, resolves survival issues.

Rhodolite Garnet–For 1-2 Chakras, weakened body connection especially after an accident or surgery, for reconnecting with the body.  Similar to the homeopathic remedy Aconite.

Rhodochrosite-Shut down physically or emotionally, releases pain held in the body, soothes & nourishes the body after a deep healing.

Smoky Quartz–Jet lag, healing crisis, detox of the body of all negative energies consisting of physical, emotional, and spiritual.  It cleanses and stabilizes.

Back Flower Remedies:

Rock Rose – Extreme panic and fears

Clematis: The Daydreamer, spending to much time in the Spirit realm, ungrounded.

Hornbeam – That Monday morning feeling.  Mental Exhaustion.

Aspen – Vague Fears of the unknown

Bailey Essences

Sea Campion – For separation in early childhood and its consequent insecurity and fears. Stimulates loving, protective energies


You will notice here that the remedies that govern the Root or Base Chakra may be comprised of our Minerals, the Kali’s, and the earth remedies.  We may also look to the use of the glandulars such as Adrenaline, Adrenal cortex, and the Adrenal Whole gland, as it is the exhaustion of the Adrenal gland that is very commonly seen in the individual who is ungrounded.  This is mainly due to the energy that is consumed by their many fears.

Steroids are also known to weaken the Base Chakra.  Therefore our body builders, and many of our athletes in today’s world may show signs of a lack of energy in the Root Chakra. (Perhaps we can add corticosteroid to the list of Root Chakra remedies)

Following are some of the remedies that are commonly found in those who have a lack of energy within the Base.

Arsenicum Alb                                   Argentum Nitricum               Argentum Metallicum

Nux Vomica                                        Silica                                       Calcarea Carbonicum

Hypericum                                          Arnica                                     Aconite

Opium                                                 Stramonium                            Berlin Wall

Proteus                                               Symphytum                            Tarantula

Psorinum                                             Bowel Nosodes                      Lac Caninum

Lac Humanum                                     Hydrogen                               Coffea

Chocolate                                           Granite                                   Red

Take note that remedies such as Stramonium, Aconite, Opium, and Hydrogen, deal with those that have been shaken from their foundation.  They have been up rooted by a trauma or some type of fright.

Remedies such as the Berlin Wall and Proteus cover those that may feel that they have constantly been living in a war zone.  The constant strain on the adrenals may leave one in a constant state of high alert.

Splenic chakra – second chakra

The Second Chakra is known as the Sacral Chakra. (Splenic Chakra)  The Sanskrit name is Svadhisthana.   The 2nd Chakra is found approximately 1 inch below the navel.  This Chakra controls our motion (movement) and our e-motions (movement of the emotions). It is associated with the ovaries and testes.  The Sacral Chakra represents a duality, a polarity, such as the pain pleasure principle.  (So again we see the strong ties between our emotions and our physical ailments.) It represents magnetism, controlling patterns, and emotional feelings (joy, anger, fear).

The second Chakra is about friendliness, creativity, emotions and intuition on the gut level. It’s influenced by how emotions were expressed or repressed during childhood. It is the sexual center for women.

It motivates all our behavior.  The areas of the body that it relates to are the sexual organs, stomach, upper intestines, liver, gallbladder, kidney, pancreas, spleen, and the middle spine.   It is ruled by the water element.  When we deny our emotions, water is also retained within the physical body, along with other toxins both emotionally and physically.  Finding a healthy balance between control and letting go is essential for the healthy functioning of this Chakra.

We constantly move (movement) our energy towards pleasurable things and away from things that are disturbing to us. I believe we are taught this response at a very young age.  We run from our emotions. We run from unpleasant things. This is a much easier way of survival.  We may see some individuals go into states of complete emotional shut down, void and numb of many emotions.

The Sacral Chakra governs our sexual relationships, our feelings, and how we react to feeling someone else’s feelings and energies (clairsentient).  In practice we may encounter many individuals who present with a low or non-existent sex drive due to being completely closed off emotionally. If you cannot feel emotionally you may not be capable of making the physical connection.

Fear also originates from this Chakra, quite similar to that of the Base/Root Chakra. I believe we see more fear geared toward our emotions within the Sacral Chakra, where the fear is more centered on our survival with the Base/Root Chakra. Determining where our fear comes from helps us to have greater insight as to where the imbalance can be found, but also helps to give us greater insight into choosing the correct homeopathic remedy.

The Water element is associated with our emotions and the Sacral Chakra. Remember the fluidity, the movement, the flow found within this Chakra. The moon and Venus are the planets associated with this energy center.  It not only controls our emotions but also our fertility, our cycles, and the urinary track.  Think of the many cycles that are connected to the moon such as the tides, and the seasons.  In addition the moon is also found to have a connection to the Crown chakra as well.

The Sycotic miasm is emphasized here as we see the correlation with the bodily fluids, our sexual function, and reproduction.

The color of this Chakra is orange, with its complementary color being blue.


Australian Bush Essences

Turkey Bush–Creativity

Billy Goat Plum–Releases shame & humiliation, sexuality

Spinifex–Cleansing and releasing, used for physical problems related to sex & body.  The victim archetype

She Oak – Hormonal imbalance.  Removes those personal blocks that prevent conception.

Flannel Flower — Lack of sensitivity, especially in males.  Averse to being touched.  Sexual abuse

Alaskan Gem Essences

Bloodstone–For emotional negativity, PMS, rebalances energy after trauma or upset.  Strengthens our connection to the earth.

Hematite-For boundary strength while witnessing emotionally charged situations

Malachite-1st to 4th Chakras, aligns physical, emotional, mental and spiritual supports unity of being on all levels.

Orange Calcite-For lack of energy, creativity, unable to see the positive side of life. Dispels, sadness, grief, darkness

Rhodolite Garnet–Healing oneself from trauma or upset. Especially after an accident or a trauma.  Helps up to rebuild our etheric energy.

Tiger’s Eye-For reacting rather than responding, often angry or jealous, strengthens emotions and emotional body

Bailey Flower Essences

Tuftet Vetch – Confusion of sexual image. For sexual difficulties caused by an incorrect sexual self-image – usually due to childhood conditioning


Medorrhinum                                     Thuja                                      Natrum Sulph

Pulsatilla                                             Sepia                                       Dulcamara

Causticum                                           Staphysagria                         Natrum Mur

Folliculinum                                        Testosterone                         Berberis

Solidago                                             Agnus Castus                         Conium

Limestone                                           Platina                                    Hyos

Cantharis                                            Scorpion                                 Lachesis

Lyssin                                                  Apis (fluids)                           Other Venoms


The Sacral Chakra has an affinity with the Sycotic miasm in regards to the bodily fluids, sexuality, and the emotions.  It reigns over the kidneys, Urinary tract and our circulation (fluids); therefore the use of the glandulars that relate to the specific organs may be used.

Solar Plexus

The third Chakra is called the Solar Plexus. It is located below the sternum and just above the stomach. The Sanskrit name for the Solar Plexus is Manipura.  It is also known as the seat of the soul, for it is our power center.  The parts of the body associated with this Chakra include the muscular system, the skin, the Solar Plexus, the large intestine, stomach, liver (color yellow), and other organs and glands in the region of the Solar Plexus. Also the face, representing figuratively the face one shows the world.

Parts of our consciousness associated with this Chakra include our perceptions concerning power, control, freedom, and the ease with which one is able to be themselves. The mental activity and mental body are also associated with this Chakra. The Solar Plexus Chakra corresponds to the level of being that we call the personality, or ego. It is the seat of our self-esteem and our will. It is our action in the world, going out and getting what we want.

When there is an over abundance of energy in this center we will encounter someone who is a workaholic, a perfectionist, domineering, dictatorial and arrogant.

When there is a lack of energy in the Solar Plexus we appear depressed, we lack confidence, and we worry about what others say (fear of who we are).  We may exhibit insecurity, jealousy, distrust, and a constant need for reassurance.

When this Chakra is balanced we show self-respect, respect for others, and a sense of personal power. We are outgoing, cheerful, relaxed, spontaneous and very expressive.

Yellow is the color associated to this Chakra.   It is the Chakra of the element of fire.  Fire walking is excellent for this Chakra; it gives you the feeling that if you can do that then you can do anything.  Sun bathing holds other benefits for this center, but Ian Watson had commented that we do not sunbathe properly. We sit in our offices for most of our life and spend two weeks out of the year in the sun. The best remedy is a regular sunbathing program. Allow the energy of the sun to soak into the Solar Plexus from the front, and a nice warm fire on your back. Think how good it feels to stand in front of a fire with your back to it!

Australian Bush Essences

Dynamis Essence– A combination of essences for energy

Old Man Banksia- Counteracts weariness.  This gives us the strength to handle whatever life may bring.

Macrocarpa- Energy

Crowea- Releases worry

Wild Potato Bush- releases feeling physically encumbered, weighted down

Banksia Robur- For Lethary, apathy, loss of drive

Bottlebrush – Bonding between mother and child, serenity, letting go.  Handling of changes in life

Alaskan Gem Essences

Carnelian– For burn out, low energy, & weak sense of self. Draws energy back into the body and reconnects energy

Gold-Low self esteem, weak identity, brings strength, solidity and balance, taps into inner joy, beauty and harmony

Hematite– Emotionally co-dependent, difficulty maintaining one’s own energy in groups-Helps one maintain one’s energy

Pyrite–1st to 3rd Chakras, Easily influenced by others, tension and instability; Strengthens inner truth, self-esteem and self-trust

Topaz–Addictions, inappropriate ways of relating to others;helps one to act decisively, from clear identity and purpose. Helps to clear blockages within the Solar Plexus

Tiger’s Eye– 2nd and 3rd Chakras, Taking things too personally, anger, jealousy. Clears energy blocks, taps into personal energy from the highest level.

Bach Flower Essences

Cerato – Strength to trust one’s own judgement

Larch – Lack of self-confidence

Schleranthus – Inability to come to a decision, indecisiveness


The Solar Plexus is our furnace of fire.  It is our will, our being, and our inner strength.  Remedies found to be appropriate for this Chakra are the fire remedies, including fire itself.  We also see the power of the seasons having an intense effect on this energy center.  Spring is a time of death, birth, and being reborn.  It is a time of the renewal of our Spirit.  Our souls seek new journeys.  Autumn or Fall is a time of the coming months of rest, a time of detoxification.   Summer brings the emotion of joy, and we learn how to balance it. Our feet are most often exposed in the summer. The feet are our connection with the earth and are what essentially roots us on many levels.  Summer is a very important time to come in touch with our Root Chakra.  Winter brings the much needed rest, but some may also encounter sadness due to the lack of sunshine and warmth to feed the furnace of the Solar Plexus.

In regards to the homeopathic remedies that may be used, we may see the remedies that relate to the digestive tract, the liver, and the gall bladder.

Phosphorous                                       Fire                                         Nux Vomica

Lycopodium                                        Chamomilla                             Colocynthis

Staphysagria                                     Carcinosin                              Folliculinum

Pulsatilla                                             Causticum                               Anacardium

Veratrum                                            Silica                                       Lobelia

Hydrastis                                           Iris V                                      Insulin

Chelidonium                                        Carduus                                  China



Our fourth Chakra is the Heart Chakra.  Its name in Sanskrit is Anahata.  The Heart Chakra is the middle Chakra in the system of seven and it is related to our ability to love freely and to feel love, to be compassionate and feel compassion, and to have an inner sense of peace deep within us.  It is the integrator of opposites in the psyche, the mind and body, male and female, persona and shadow, and the ego and unity.  It is our connection to the oneness around us.

The associated organs to this Chakra are the heart, breasts, lungs, as well as our immune system.  It encompasses the blood circulatory system, and the cardiac plexus.  The major gland is the thymus gland. It is also said that the Heart Chakra can have a great effect on our sight.  I have noticed in my own healing with this energy center that when I have come to a crisis that my eyesight becomes weak.  So what are we afraid to see?

The Heart Chakra is related to our sense of touch, in its aspect of relating to the person “inside” the body, and distinct from the sensation of the Orange Chakra, which is more about the sensation one feels “from” their own body.  It encompasses our ability to love and offer unconditional love. To love freely for the true being that one is.   Hugging, therefore, is a Heart Chakra activity. When one hugs, one is aware of what the person inside the other body feels, and they are aware of what you feel inside your body, and there is a sense of relating to the person inside the body. A sense of emotional connection is experienced.  Sensitivity about being touched indicates Heart Chakra sensitivity

When we find a deficiency of the amount of energy in the Heart Chakra we may feel sorry for ourselves, indecisive, and unworthy of being loved.  We cannot seem to make the connection or feel connected to those around us for fear of rejection.  We carry a fear of letting go and just being.

When there is an excess of energy within this area we may become demanding and overly critical.  We may also become manic-depressive.  We do not posses unconditional love in this state.

The color that relates to this Chakra is green with the secondary or complementary color being red.  That is why when there is an excess of energy within this Chakra we may see traits of the Root Chakra come forward.  We may try to control through our sexuality or through money.  We put limitations on our love.  We do not give our love unconditionally.

Another color that relates to the Heart Chakra is the color pink.  This is a symbol of motherly love.


Australian Bush Essences

Bush Fuchsia-speaking your true essence


Turkey Bush-Creativity

Red Grevillia-Becoming unstuck

Flannel Flower-Intimacy

Illawara Flame Tree-Fear of rejection

Sturt Desert Pea – Emotional pain

Alaskan Gem Remedies

Chrysocolla-Unresolved issues of grief, heart closed down, guard against attack from others, increases love of self, flexibility. Opens, softens, and expands the inner dimensions of the Heart Chakra; helps us release tension and armoring around giving and receiving love; increases flexibility in the mind and body to allow the vibration of love to flow

Chrysopase – brings the Heart Chakra into harmonious union with the green energy frequency of the planet; synchronizes the subtle bodies with the heart energy of the earth; helps us accept the earth as our home.

Emerald-Fear of not being good enough, love blocked because of fear. For universal heart cleansing, and balancing

Jadelite Jade-Agitated upset, things are harder than they need to be, unable to accept things. Calms, Centers, Awareness and Acceptance

Montana Rhodochrosite-Broken hearted, unsafe. Restores balance to the heart after great pain and suffering.

Rhodochrosite-2nd 4th Chakras, deep trauma stored in the heart because pain is not reconciled;

Rose Quartz-Deep held pain from childhood, helps one to anchor love into the physical body.

Soapberry-For fear of own power, inability to keep heart open in challenging situations, support & helps from nature, grounds, releases trauma.

Watermelon Tourmaline-For imbalances in the male and female aspects, difficulty expressing love or receiving love.

Bach Flower Remedies

Holly – Blocked Love

Gorse – Despair

Bailey Essence

Milk Thistle – Self Love

A closed Heart Chakra is one of the main effects found in the Western World due to the way of life.  We are taught not to cry, not to get angry, to just take it all in and move on with our lives.  Yet in today’s society we see the effects of this type of upbringing in our young.  We see their want and their desire for the intensity of their emotions.  We see this desire in their actions, and acting out, and unfortunately through their choice of drugs in their lives today.  A lot of our children are drawn to empathogens such as ecstasy and LSD.  These types of drugs arouse the feelings of emotions; they awaken the intensity of the emotion, and blow the Heart Chakra wide open.

So deep down in their subconscious they realize the need for emotion.  They realize that they are lacking this essential part of what allows us to feel and love unconditionally.

Homeopathic remedies are very helpful in balancing and unblocking this Chakra.  At first it may be very painful for the individual, due to those buried emotions and their traumas. When we encounter someone who is in a deep state of despair, perhaps within the dark night of the soul, it is very beneficial to accompany homeopathic treatment with one or more of the flower or gem essences available today.

But we need to assure the individual that at the end of this road of healing will lie a connection to the divine that is without words.  This type of healing is a true gift from the power above.


Anacardium                                        Aurum Muriaticum Natronatum

Crataegus                                           Hawthorne                 Digitalis

Alabaster                                           Banisteriopsis            Chocolate

Lapis                                                   LSD                             Tung

Ignatia                                               Nat Mur                     Aurum

Carcinosin                                          Luna                            Phos Ac

Nit Ac                                                 Lachesis                      Scorpion

Caladium                                             Ant Tart                     Green


The fifth Chakra is the Throat Chakra, also known as the Visuddha in Sanskrit.  This Chakra is located at the base of the throat.  It controls the throat, neck, arms, teeth, mouth and hands and is associated with the brachial or cervical plexus. The Throat Chakra is associated with the thyroid, parathyroid glands.  The sense that corresponds to this Chakra is our sense of hearing.

This energy center holds the key for speech, sounds, vibrations, communication, and our creativity.  It also brings in our abilities for telepathy and gives us our inspiration.

When one is balanced in this area the individual is content, centered, and can live in the present.  They have a very keen sense of timing.  They meditate well and through this meditation they experience a Divine energy.

When the Throat Chakra is open you will find a strong willingness to express yourself.  Your creativities will flow through this Chakra.  Those that may express themselves and live strongly through this energy center tend to be singers, artists, speakers, teachers, etc.

When there is an excessive amount of energy within this center one may present as being arrogant, self-righteous, dogmatic, addictive, and they talk too much.

Those that are seen as deficient within this center appear scared, timid, quiet, inconsistent, and unreliable.  They hold back.  They cannot express their thoughts and they cannot relax. This individual may be manipulative and devious.  You may also find a fear of sex due to their religious upbringing.

The color for this Chakra is blue with the secondary color being orange.


Australian Bush Essences

Cognis essence–Gives clarity and courage to speak one’s truth-great for study and new information

Paw Paw-assimilating new information

Turkey Bush – for creative blocks, renews artistic confidence and creative expression

Alaskan Gem Remedies

Aquamarine-5th and 6th Chakras, mind chatter, hotheaded, not present because of mental chatter

Aventurine-Fear of the unknown and unexpected, it also helps with new experiences and risk taking

Azurite–For depletion of vitality when speaking, communicating from head only. Strengthens feminine earth forces, helps speech

Lapis Lazuli–5th and 6th Chakras, unable to hear guidance and information, clears blocks in communication-good for teachers, speakers, writers

Rutilated Quartz–Helps with confusion, lack of focus & clarity, unable to understand one’s own guidance; Stabilizes abilities to focus, synthesize & express

The Throat Chakra is our center for communication and creativity.  When we loose our power to communicate, to voice who we are and what are needs are, we become suppressed on a deeper level.  We become stifled in our words and our expressions.  This is commonly seen in singers, teachers, and speakers, those who use their voice to express themselves.  It is when this power becomes stifled that disease sets in.  We then see diseases such as tonsillitis, strep throat, swollen glands, and problems with the thymus and spleen.  This center also greatly affects our immune system due to its effect on our thymus gland.


Argentum Nitricum                                       Argentum Metallicum           Lachesis

Mercury(the messenger)                              Lachesis                                  Stramonium

Causticum                                                       Baryta Carb                         Tuberculinum

Phosphorous                                                   Carcinosin                              Belladonna

Agathis Australis                                          Lapis                                       LSD

Iodatum Family                                             Blue/Turquoise

The Third Eye

Christ Conscious Center

The sixth Chakra goes by many names.  It is known as the Third Eye, the Christ conscious center, the Brow Chakra, the Conscious awareness center, and of course, the Sanskrit name of Anja.   It is located at the center of our forehead.  The Third Eye controls our psychic powers and higher intuition.  It is from this center that one may reach their higher self.  This is the center that enables you to experience telepathy, astral travel, and our past lives.  The Brow Chakra is associated with the deep inner level of being we call Spirit, or our subconscious being.  It is the place where our true motivations are found, and it is the level of consciousness that directs our actions and our lives.

It is this center that is related to the sense of ESP.  This would encompass our inner vision, our inner sensitivity, and our inner hearing.   The Third Eye Chakra relates to our forehead, temples and the carotid plexus.  It corresponds with our pituitary gland.

If an individual is deficient in energy within this center they become non-assertive, undisciplined, afraid of success, oversensitive to the feelings of others, and they may exhibit difficulty distinguishing between the ego self and the higher self.

It the energy is overabundant in the Brow Chakra then you may see someone who is an egomaniac, proud, manipulative, and somewhat an authoritarian.

The well-balanced individual will be charismatic, and carry a sensation of being whole, finally complete.  They will be able to be open to receiving guidance with no attachment to material possessions. They will not fear death, as they will carry a deeper insight and understanding of this next phase of life.

The color of the Third Eye is Indigo or midnight blue with the secondary color being Orange.


Australian Bush Essences

Bush Iris-Clears blocks in the Chakras relating to the grounding and trust centers. Awakens spirituality by releasing deep fears. Fear of death

Bush Fucia – Intuition

Isopogon-Memory, unblocking thoughts

Bailey Essences

Bracken Aqueous – Blocked sensitivity from Childhood

Alaskan Gem Remedies

Aquamarine-Mental chatter, overstimulation, releases blockages and brings in serenity, calm, and clear receptivity.

Aventurine-Fearful of the unknown and taking steps towards the future, great for trailblazers and pioneers; builds stamina and courage.

Diamond-Brings clarity; for inability to make steps towards progress especially when the “I” is overly involved, helps one’s divine purpose.

Lapis Lazuli-For overwhelm of information, helps assimilate information and clarifying; great for teachers, writers, spiritual workers.

Moldavite-For being stuck especially in the past or from homesickness; Brings connectedness into one’s potential in the present moment.

Sapphire-6th and 7th For feeling unsupported or uninspired, inability to take responsibility; helps to synthesize, express & one’s own inner resources.

Sapphire Ruby-4th, 6th and 7th Chakras-For weak links from body to spirit, especially after accident or surgery; balances & merges one’s life purpose.

Star Sapphire-5th, 6th and 7th Chakras-Lacks trust, overly concerned with every detail; helps with aligning one’s own purpose.

Sugalite-6th and 7th Chakras-For going outside oneself to receive spiritual support, intellectualizing spirit; brings warmth, depth, receptivity.

This center is the control center for our dream world.  It is the bridge of the insight between the human world and our higher selves.  It is from the Third Eye that we receive our intuition, our knowing of what we know.  There are many drugs, such as the smoking of marijuana, the intake of LSD that may blow this center wide open.  Blows to the head may also wreak havoc to this energy center.  Those who live too much in this Chakra may loose their sense of reality.  They may begin to hear voices.  They may become seasonally depressed.  The Third Eye is our eye into the spirit world.  It is in our dreams that we travel with the view of the Third Eye Chakra.


Cannabis Indica                                             Opium                         Peyote

Phosphorous                                                   Agaricus                     Lach

Thuja                                                              Scorpion                     Medorrhinum

Luna                                                                Pineal Gland               Diamond

Nat Sulph                                                       Sol                               Melatonin


The Crown Chakra

The seventh Chakra is known as the Crown Chakra, the connection to the divine, the cosmic consciousness center, or the “I am” center.  Its Sanskrit name is Sahasrara.  This Chakra corresponds with the top of the head, the brain, and the entire nervous system.  The Crown Chakra represents that part of our consciousness concerned with our perceptions of unity or separation.  Just as the Root Chakra shows the connection to Mother Earth, this Chakra shows our relationship with our creator.  The Crown Chakra connects us to a world beyond the physical world.   It takes us to a world that is timeless and all knowing.  It is this energy center that feeds us the knowledge, wisdom, understanding and true bliss, thus the connection with the pineal gland.

When the individual is balanced in this energy center they can transcend the laws of nature.  They have total access to the unconscious and the subconscious.  They understand the “oneness” of the universe.  Those balanced and enlightened within this Chakra are our mystics, shamans, and our healers.

When someone contains an excess of energy within this center they may seem frustrated, depressed and become destructive.  They may also suffer from migraine headaches.  They cannot realize the power they posses, and they may seem distant.  Individuals in this situation may require a remedy to ground them, to rebalance them.

When the individual is found deficient in this Chakra they are catatonic.  They appear lifeless and joyless.  They are incapable of making decisions.  They may express that they have no interest in what life has to offer.


Australian Bush Essences

Red Lily-For disconnection, split, lack of focus, day dreamy, grounds, focuses and brings one into the present and connected to their source

Sundew-Good for indecisive people, for those who tend to be unfocused especially in work related areas, for being in the present

Alaskan Gem Remedies

Aventurine-Facing obstacles, limits in one’s own belief system and pioneering new paths

Fluorite-For difficulty manifesting thoughts into action, any type of energy blocks, will allow increase of energy and breaking through energies .

Kunzite-Integrating life force into the physical body from the spiritual self.

Sapphire-For being unaware of one’s life purpose, helps one to connect to what they came here to do.

Sapphire/Ruby-4th ,6th and 7th Chakras, For weak body and soul connection;helps one to foster abilities for devotion, responsibility and loyalty.

Star Sapphire-5th, 6th and 7th Chakras, For lack of trust in the universe, own information-helps one to make connections to support of one’s true destiny.

Sugalite-Belief of going outside of oneself to receive support from the universe. Helps one to receive a flow of support.

Bach Flower Essences

Wild Oat< – Reconnecting


Violet                                                              Hydrogen                   Cannabis Ind

Helleborus                                                     Pituitary Gland          Baryta Carb

Medorrhinum                                                 Alabaster                   Sequoia

Spectrum                                                       Violet

Those that function from this center are found to be Spacey, and extremely disconnected from their surroundings.  They have a desperate need to be grounded.  Some may not appear to live in the world of reality.  There complain of being light headed, dizzy, and feeling faint.  Their heads and ideas are to much in the clouds.



Red is the color of energy, vitality and power. It is used in correlation to the Root Chakra.  Red is supposedly the first color perceived by a child when they are born.  Brain-injured persons suffering from temporary color-blindness start to perceive red before they are able to discern any other colors.  Red is used for burning out cancers, drying up weeping sores or wounds.  It will warm cold areas to reduce pain. Red is a powerful healing agent in regards to diseases of the blood and circulation.  (Think of the remedies that correspond with the color red in regards to the Doctrine of Signatures.) It will help lift the spirits to deal with depression. Red will warm a cold heart.  Although, red is not to be used on people with high blood pressure or who have high levels of anxiety. The energy appears to be too intense and can possibly create further anxiety and even raise the blood pressure.  It should not be used at night as it may keep one awake.   If you stay under the red ray too long or are exposed to red for a considerable time it will make you very agitated or even aggressive. It is associated with the male polarity, the Yang.   It is believed that a red carpet or wall, in a place of business, will draw money.

Red is a warm color, which invigorates, and is excellent when used for treatment of persons having heart diseases, blood disorders, and problems with anger, just to name a few.


Orange is connected to our Sacral Chakra.  It is the color used to increase immunity, to increase sexual potency, to help in all digestive ailments, chest and kidney diseases. It is the color of joy and the center of ease, movement, and pleasure.  Orange will have a gentle warming effect if used lightly. Orange, like red should not be used for too long. It is not a good color for nervous people or people easily agitated.


Yellow is the color of intellect and it is used for mental stimulation, it will help you think quicker. It is good for clearing a foggy head. To help cure dermatitis and other skin problems and again it must be used carefully because it is very stimulating and it could cause exhaustion and depression.


Green is the color of healing and traveling back in time. It will balance the emotions and brings about a feeling of calmness. Green is a good general healing color because it stimulates growth, therefore it is good for helping heal broken bones, regrowth of tissue of all kinds. Green is also alchemy – the alchemy of consciousness from one realm to another through the spiraling energies of DNA.


Blue is the color of truth, serenity and harmony, by helping to soothe the mind. Blue is good for cooling, calming, reconstructing and protecting. Blue will help feverish conditions, it will help stop bleeding and it will help with nervous irritations. It is very good for burns. Too much blue could leave you cold, depressed and sorrowful.


Purple is also a color that will connect you with your spiritual self. It is good for mental and nervous problems. It will assist very well with rheumatism and epilepsy. Helps with pain, is used in deep tissue work and helps heal the bones. Too much purple and you don’t tend to live in this world.


White includes all colors of the spectrum. It represents the source of conscious creation. It will purify the body on the highest levels. It is the highest charging field to bring peace and comfort at the highest level.  White would correspond with the Soul Star.

The Frequency of White Light

White has always been seen as transcendent, pure, perfection, innocence, chastity, and triumphant of spirit over the flesh.

White is the color most often connected to cleanliness, with phrases like “Pure White” or white and clean.

These are some of the reasons a bride wears white in most societies. White denotes spiritual authority and purity.

In Celtic tradition the terrestrial goddess wore white.

In Alchemy, white is the feminine principle as represented by the ‘The White Lily’.

In the Arendian, white is sacred.

To the Aztec it was the dying sun or night.

To the Buddhist tradition, white is self-mastery and redemption. It is representative of being lead from bondage, the highest spiritual transformation.

To the Chinese, white is a symbol of mourning.

In Christian beliefs white is the highest color representing the purified soul, joy, virginity, integrity, light and a holy life.

White is always worn in Christian religions at the sacraments of Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, and Marriage.

In Catholicism it is symbolic of the saints not suffering martyrdom and virgin saints.

Druid priests wore white. It was the color of baptism.

In Hinduism, white is symbolic of Pure Consciousness

Maori tradition holds white as meaning a truce or surrendering.

To the Mayan’s it represented peace and health.

Roman tradition wore it for very propitious occasions

All cultures and societies seem to embrace the color white as pure and innocent. The acceptance of white has weaved itself through all millennia from religion, philosophies, and poetry and just about every human endeavor.

As you see there are numerous tools, such as our homeopathic remedies, the flower essences, colors, gems, just to name a few, that we may use to help bring balance to the personal energy field that surrounds those who come to us along with maintaining and restoring our own personal energy fields.


Donna M Earnest, DHM
The Healing Room


The Homeopathic Color Remedies – Ambika Wauters

Homeopathy and the Chakras Audio Tapes – Ian Watson

The Book of Chakras – Ambika Wauters

Wheels of  Light – Rosalyn Bruyere











L-Theanine is a non-essential amino acid and glutamic acid analog and becoming an increasingly popular supplement due to some of its unique and almost amazing properties. L-Theanine can cross the blood brain barrier and hence has psychoactive properties and is found in carmellia sinesis, the tea plant. Green tea is felt to have the greatest concentration of L-Theanine.

L-Theanine can improve mood, reduce stress and help focus and particularly when working with caffeine. Moreover, individuals taking Theanine also showed improved alpha wave activity, the activity present when you are alert but not stressed and for most people the most desirable awake state. Unlike many supplements where research is still in its infancy there is a large base of clinical trials done by the Japanese to indicate that Theanine is not only effective but also safe. Japan approved Theanine as a universally safe supplement as early as 1964 and permitted unrestricted amounts in all foods except those for infants.

While Theanine is widely touted as a mind relaxant, and for good reason, it also has some other very attractive properties. Theanine has been found to increase dopamine in humans. Dopamine is the naturally occurring chemical in the brain, which is released during pleasant activities such as eating, sex and for some…chocolate. Dopamine produces a sense of well being.

Additional research indicates even more L-Theanine benefits including that it plays a role in helping reduce cholesterol and that Theanine also may improve the efficacy of cancer treatments by decreasing the amount of cancer drug in healthy cells while focusing the drug on cancerous cells. The calming benefits of L-Theanine were also stressed in this study. Rats fed a high Theanine diet also showed a significantly lower body weight, blood plasma fat and overall body fat accumulation.

There appear to be many L-Theanine benefits and not many negative L-Theanine side effects.  However, as with any supplement there are some interactions with medications that might be significant to note. Theanine is known to reduce blood pressure and if taking Theanine supplements with blood pressure medication the potential exists to reduce blood pressure too far. Medically prescribed stimulants may interact with L-Theanine and reduce the effectiveness of the prescription. Although no case studies have been done specifically nor is there any indication it may prove harmful, it is worth noting when considering L-Theanine supplements.

The exact safe or “recommended dosage for an L-Theanine supplement is perhaps the most difficult to effectively guess. The scientific community has been unable to come up with any indication that there is an “unsafe” level of Theanine. As with any supplement, it is always best to check with a medical professional before using the supplement in the case of children, pregnant women or individuals with severe health issues.
Many studies had individuals consuming as much as 200 mg of L-Theanine a day although some limited the amounts to 50 – 100 mg per day. It is wisest to follow label directions and consult with a physician if unsure of the appropriate dosage for a specific individual. L-Theanine supplement can be obtained in capsule or tablet form.


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This web page was the result of my research regarding magnesium, and why it's important not only for the average person, but especially for people with fibromyalgia.  If you aren't interested in reading lots of studies, and are already convinced of magnesium's importance, then just click here to get to my recommendations.  Please note, magnesium is only one of many possible treatments that can help fibromyalgia.  It, by itself, cannot effectively treat it.

Magnesium deficiency is very common in the general US population.  Not only is our daily intake low, but we eat a diet which increases the demand for magnesium.  And unfortunately, urinary magnesium loss can be increased by many factors, both physical and emotional.  Magnesium loss increases in the presence of certain hormones.  Stress can greatly increase magnesium loss. Even loud noises can cause magnesium loss.  One article on the web goes so far as to say that that almost everyone is the United States is at least marginally deficient in magnesium.  So there is an excellent chance that a person with fibromyalgia has a magnesium deficiency.  But since people with fibromyalgia often have high levels of stress, and a disrupted hormonal system, they are more likely to be candidates for magnesium deficiency.  Magnesium utilization is also increased by the presence of estrogen, and this might explain why many women are diagnosed with fibromyalgia after menopause, when estrogen levels would decrease.  Additionally, the sleep disruption which occurs in fibromyalgia might also affect magnesium utilization, as sleep deprivation has been shown to cause lower magnesium levels.


The reason lack of sleep causes a magnesium deficiency is probably due to the lower amounts of growth hormone secretion which occurs due to a sleep disturbance, especially the type that is found in people with fibromyalgia.  Growth hormone is responsible for creating a substance known as IGF-1, or insulin growth factor.  IGF-1 has been found to have many uses by the body.  It's especially known for tissue repair.  However, it can influence intracellular levels of magnesium, as the following studies show:


Also, IGF-1 affects excretion of magnesium by the kidneys:


Magnesium deficiency is therefore one of many problems in people with fibromyalgia which is due to or influenced by the sleep disturbance.  So while it's possible to attain some benefit from taking magnesium, treating any sleep disorder is just as helpful, if not more so.

Magnesium is extremely important to many functions in the body, which is why a deficiency can cause many different symptoms.  It is most widely known for being needed for proper bone formation.  With a deficiency, bones will be soft, and it can play a role in osteoporosis   However, magnesium is also the activating mineral for at least 350 different enzymes in the body, more than any other mineral, so it is crucial for many of the metabolic functions in the body.  Magnesium is necessary for almost all the enzymes that allow the glycolytic and Krebs cycles to turn the sugar and fat we eat into ATP.  Low levels of ATP have commonly been found in people with fibromyalgia, and it is believed that this plays an important role in many of the fibromyalgia symptoms.  Thus, a magnesium deficiency would definitely be a factor in worsening those symptoms.

Magnesium is extremely necessary for proper ATP synthesis, because ATP is stored in the body as a combination of magnesium and ATP, which is known as MgATP.  ATP requires magnesium in order to be stable.  Without magnesium, ATP would easily break down into other components, ADP and inorganic phosphate.

The brain heavily relies ATP for many functions.  In fact, 20% of total body ATP is located in the brain.  Thus, low levels of ATP can diminish brain cognitive functions, a common problem in people with fibromyalgia.

Adequate magnesium is necessary for proper muscle functioning.  Magnesium deficiency promotes excessive muscle tension, leading to muscle spasms, tics, restlessness, and twitches.  This is due to an imbalance of the ratio of calcium to magnesium, as calcium controls contraction, while magnesium controls relaxation.  Plus, in fibromyalgia, changes are seen in the muscles, such as "significantly lower than normal phosphocreatine and ATP levels" and "values for phosphorylation potential ... also were significantly reduced":


But all of these same changes are found also in magnesium deficiencies:


Magnesium may also help Myofascial Pain Syndrome.  According to Devin Starlanyl's web page "Myofascial trigger points can be identified and documented electrophysiologically by characteristic spontaneous electrical activity (SEA).  They may also be identified histologically (which means that the structure of the cells have changed) by contraction knots-- the lumps and bumps we know only too well.  Both of these phenomenon seem to result from excessive release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine (ACh) from the nerve terminal of the motor endplate (the complex end formation of the nerve)."  But magnesium is well known for being able to inhibit ACh release:


And in fact, intravenous magnesium sulfate is used in emergency situations becau...:

Magnesium is known to regulate or inhibit many nerve receptors, such as NMDA or 5-HT3, which have been considered as sources of certain types of fibromyalgia pain.  Neurontin, for example, is used because inhibits NMDA activity.  Since magnesium also blocks NMDA receptors, studies have used intravenous magnesium therapy to try and treat similar types of neuropathic pain:


And it's because of magnesium's ability to regulate nerve functions that other fibromyalgia symptoms occur.  Migraine headaches, mitral valve prolapse, and Raynaud's phenomenon, all problems commonly found in people with fibromyalgia, are also problems that have been associated with a magnesium deficiency.  Without enough magnesium, nerves fire too easily from even minor stimuli.  Noises will sound excessively loud, lights will seem too bright, emotional reactions will be exaggerated, and the brain will be too stimulated to sleep, all symptoms commonly found in fibromyalgia.  And if the oversensitivity to light and noise reminds you of someone suffering from a hangover, they are one and the same problem, as alcohol is known for decreasing magnesium levels, and magnesium supplementation has been found to relieve hangover symptoms.

Another commonly found condition in fibromyalgia which has nervous related symptoms is reactive hypoglycemia.  Anxiety related symptoms occur after carbohydrate intake, and this is believed to be due to either an excess release of adrenaline, or a higher sensitivity to adrenaline.   In either case, a deficiency of magnesium could be a factor, as magnesium deficiency appears to associated with anxiety and high...

Not only that, but magnesium also affects carbohydrate metabolism in a different manner, as a magnesium deficiency appears to create resistance to insulin,  Insulin resistance increases levels of insulin, which may result in  a form of diabetes.  Additionally, insulin resistance by itself can distrupt intracellular magnesium levels, as the following web page explains.


Thus, "insulin resistance and magnesium depletion may result in a vicious cycle of worsening insulin resistance and decrease in intracellular Mg(2+) which may limit the role of magnesium in vital cellular processes."

Magnesium also appears to be able to also affect the nervous system by regulating the release of hormones, which occurs due to many different forms of stress.  However, this hormonal activity is disrupted in fibromyalgia.  Often there is an exaggerated release or high levels of noradrenaline (also known as norepinephrine), as the following studies show:


However, magnesium appears to play a role in regulating noradrenaline levels.  For example, in the following study on mitral valve prolapse, magnesium supplementation not only relieved symptoms, but also reduced the high level of urinary noradrenaline excretion:


And genetically bred mice with low magnesium levels have also been found to have high noradrenaline levels:


And ,as was previously mentioned, sleep deprivation appears to lower magnesium levels.   However, in another study, sleep deprivation was found to raise noradrenaline levels:


Thus, there appears to be a strong link between high noradrenaline levels, and low magnesium levels.  And this imbalance of hormones could play a role in exercise tolerance in fibromyalgia.  High noradrenaline levels are associated with low exercise tolerance.  This might be due to the fact that noradrenaline causes constriction in blood vessels, and this could reduce oxygen flow during exercise.  This is made worse by the lower than normal adrenaline levels in fibromyalgia,  as adrenaline is able to dilate blood vessels in the skeletal muscles and the liver.   However, magnesium is able to relax smooth muscles around blood vessels, and thus has a strong vasodilatory effect, which could counteract the vasoconstriction effect of the hormones.

Related to this is the previously mentioned study of patients that were sleep deprived which resulted in low magnesium levels.  They were also found to have lower levels of exercise tolerance.  But in a subsequeent study, it was found that magnesium supplementation was able to raise that tolerance:


Respiratory problems such as asthma have also been associated with high levels of noradrenaline, and thus magnesium might be of help for those conditions.

A magnesium deficiency also increases levels of substance P, a chemical which has been implicated as being responsible for increased pain levells in FMS.  Several studies, such as the following, show this:


However, even just as important is the fact that this study also shows a rise in inflammatory cytokines.  Cytokines are part of the immune system.  However, raised levels of certain cytokines have been implicated in many health problems and diseases, and some researchers feel that they may be responsible for many of the symptoms of FMS and CFS, as these cytokines play a role in metabolic and many other functions. Sleep deprivation studies also show an increase these cytokines, not surprising since we have shown that sleep deprivation can cause a magnesium deficiency.  The following study showed a significant increase in one of these cytokines, interleukin-6.  This cytokine appears to play a role in the fatigue and other health symptoms that directly result from lack of sleep:


Since a sleep disturbance could cause a rise in these cytokines, and since this study also postulates that these cytokines themselves play a role in regulating sleep, a spiraling effect could occur, as the high levels of these cytokines could cause sleep to be constantly disturbed  Such a circular effect has been proposed for the cause of FMS.

Magnesium is thus involved in many functions in the body, and so it's no wonder that the chemical brain imbalances in fibromyalgia somehow seem connected to processes involving magnesium.  Surprisingly, little is known about magnesium, as compared to other minerals in the body.  So it could be that magnesium even has more effects that we are not yet aware of.  And it's because magnesium is involved in so many processes in the body, that a deficiency has a spiraling effect.  Low magnesium levels causes metabolic functions to decrease, causing further stress on the body, reducing the body's ability to absorb and retain magnesium.  A marginal deficiency could easily be transformed into a more significant problem.  Any stressful event could trigger magnesium loss. So one could postulate that stressful events which trigger fibromyalgia are doing so by creating a high loss of magnesium.  Perhaps people in a fibromyalgia flare could be helped by additional magnesium.

Unfortunately, magnesium deficiency is not easily detected, as serum levels do not reflect the levels of magnesium in tissues.  This is the reason why it is so overlooked and ignored, both by doctors and by studies.  And unfortunately, oral magnesium supplementation can be difficult because of absorption problems.  Digestion and diet play a key role in absorption.  People with fibromyalgia often have conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, gluten intolerance, or other problems that might limit absorption.   Excess amounts of certain substances, such as fructose, may interfere with magnesium absorption.  Phosphate can bind to magnesium in the gut, creating magnesium phosphate, an insoluble salt that can't be utilized.  Many forms of oral magnesium supplements are hard to assimilate.  The most common, magnesium oxide and citrate, happen to be the worst to assimilate, which is why both have a strong laxative effect.  If you suffer from that effect when you take magnesium, it is often not because you are taking too much, but because you are not assimilating it well.  And it may take long term use of supplements before magnesium levels are raised in all the tissues, and for damaged cell functions to be restored.

A magnesium deficiency increases cell membrane permeability, and this condition is believed to lead to a decrease in the intracellular antioxidant system, shown in the following study, one of several in MEDLINE:


Changes in cell membranes and subsequent intracellular imbalance in cells reduces the body's defenses against toxins such as heavy metals.  A long term magnesium deficiency may lead to many other secondary problems that have their own host of symptoms.

A magnesium deficiency causes an increase in intracellular calcium levels, which may lead to calcification and cell death.  And a few more studies for those interested on the effects of a magnesium deficiency on cell disturbances and mitochondria damage:


And if you are still skeptical of the importance of magnesium, I suggest you read the following: http://www.mgwater.com/dur30.shtml  While most symptoms which are directly due to a magnesium deficiency are reversible, magnesium deficiency indirectly causes problems that may not be reversible.  "With a high aluminum diet alone, aluminum content in the nervous system in rats showed no difference with a control group aluminum serum aluminum was high.  However, with an insufficient intake of magnesium the same aluminum load induced an increase in aluminum and calcium concentrations in the nervous system and neurodegeneration with precipitation of insoluble hydroxyapatites."  Combined aluminum intoxication with calcium-magnesium deficiencies is not reversible through physiological oral magnesium supplementation.  And also from that web page: "nervous consequences of magnesium deficiency" ... "are completely reversible since they can be restored to normal with simple oral physiological magnesium supplementation but it should also be pointed out that a prolongation of untreated chronic magnesium deficiency can produce irreversible lesions with histological changes.

Magnesium Supplement Suggestions

If you are considering taking magnesium, I would suggest looking for a form that allows to you start with a low amount, and then slowly increase that dose.  Unabsorbed magnesium will cause a laxative effect, so the amount that you can tolerate will be limited by this effect.  This effect often isn’t seen until a day later, which is why you should only slowly increase the dose.  The RDA for magnesium is 400mg.  If this amount helps any of your symptoms, then you may be helped by taking more than that.  Magnesium is often better absorbed when taken with food.  Also, you can absorb more magnesium, if you take it in small doses, such as some with each meal. This is what I do.  And if possible, you might also want to avoid taking magnesium with foods that are high in phytic acid, such as whole wheat, as this might bind to the magnesium.

Taking magnesium with calcium is often suggested, because the 2 minerals work together in buildling bones.  Another good reason for taking the calcium, is that calcium (especially calcium carbonate) can offset some of the laxative effect from the magnesium.  Traditionally, it's been recommended to take calcium and magnesium in a ratio of 2/1, as that is the ratio of the RDA of calcium and magnesium.  However, magnesium is often poorly absorbed, so many doctors believe the ratio should be closer to 1/1.

Please note that not all forms are the same.  Magnesium oxide is one of the most common, but studies have shown it to be poorly absorbed, due to low solubility.  Studies show that other common forms, such as citrate, chloride, aspartate, are all better absorbed.  However, some people instead recommend chelated forms, believing that they are the best absorbed..  Although in theory this might be true, surprisingly there are no published studies to back up this claim. .

If one brand of magnesium does not work for you, or if you experience a side effect, consider switching to a different brand, as the substance which is combined with the magnesium may be the cause of the side effect.  Many people have found that liquid forms of magnesium help when pills do not help..  This is probably due to increased solubility.  There are various forms of liquid magnesium, i.e. magnesium chloride, gluconate, and citrate.  Magnesium chloride is well absorbed, although the liquid form has to be kept refrigerated.  Liquid gluocate (magonate) contains not only a lot of glucose, but several additives to make it taste better, and also a perservative to keep it from spoiling.  Liquid magnesium citrate is the most common liquid form..  Some people believe that magnesium citrate is not well absorbed, and point to the fact that magnesium citrate is marketed as a laxative.  On the other hand, almost any form of magnesium, taken in excess, will cause a laxative effect.  Magnesium citrate is probably used as a laxative, simply because it's an inexpensive form, and very soluable.

Another form which some people find very useful is the time released version.  Having a steady source of magnesium has been found to help in cases where plain magnesium did not help.  One can do this by taking lots of small doses, especially if one uses a liquid form, but this is inconvenient.  Time released supposedly is absorbed over a 8-10 hour period.  There are 2 available forms, magnesium chloride and magnesium lactate  Two brands are available which contain magnesium chloride, Slow Mag and Pro-Mag.  Slow Mag contains several additives that Pro-Mag does not.  Plus, Slow Mag is enteric coated, which is done to avoid a stomach upset..  However, one study suggests that this may prevent proper absorption.  Pro-Mag is made by Douglas Laboratories, and I personally have had good results with it.  Another good alternative is Mag-Tab.  It contains magnesium lactate, and has been reported by some people to be even better absorbed than the magnesium chloride, possibly because it is released over a longer period of time.  Time released forms are more expensive, so many people recommend a combination of pills and time released, and it may be more effective to combine a slow acting form with a quickly acting form.

Also note that B vitamins are necessary for proper utilization of magnesium.  Some people with fibromyalgia might have B vitamin deficiencies, especially B12.  One study, has shown that homocysteine levels are high in the cerebrospinal fluid, and this indicates low levels of B12 in the brain.  Additionally, homocysteine causes a depletion of intracellular free magnesium:, and according to the following study, only a combination of B6, B12, and folate acid can stop this depletion of magnesium.  Thus, some people with fibromyalgia might benefit from B vitamin supplementation.  (However, certain B12 deficiencies require B12 shots, as some people are unable to orally absorb enough B12.)

In some people, the problem might not be enough magnesium, but instead might be not enough vitamin D, which has an effect on magnesium absorption.  Up until recently, doctors only associated a vitamin D deficiency with weak bones, and they believed that a vitamin D deficiency in young people was rare in countries like the US.  However, both of these beliefs have been proven false.  Not only does it occur in young people, but sometimes a vitamin D deficiency can manifest itself mainly as pain.  Initial symptoms in adults can often appear as vague musculoskeletal pains, muscle weakness, and fatigue, symptoms commonly found in fibromyalgia.   Also, studies on the muscles of vitamin D deficient patients, show a reduction of ATP levels, similar to that of fibromyalgia pat...

In some cases, the deficiency leads to myopathy, with quite severe muscle weakness, especially affecting the legs and ability to walk.  On the other hand, sometimes the symptoms are less severe, in which case it could be easily overlooked in fibromyalgia patients.  In fact, several small studies have shown that at least 40% of patients with fibromyalgia have a vitamin D deficiency.



And while some blood tests can possibly indicate a vitamin D deficiency, often a deficiency can exist without any other biochemical changes.   Thus, the only definite way to tell if you have this problem, is by testing vitamin D levels.  Unfortunately, very few doctors do this.  So It's quite possible that some people who have fibromyalgia, might also have a vitamin D deficiency.  Or perhaps they never had fibromyalgia to begin with.  In the following study from Canada, only 12% of patients referred to rheumatologists with the diagnosis of fibromyalgia, actually had fibromyalgia:


I personally started taking magnesium for spasms and facial tics, only doing so on my own after neurologists simply told me to either get better sleep or take a prescription drug.  The magnesium helped almost immediately, and I then slowly increased the dose to about 225% the RDA (balanced with 100% calcium RDA) At that point, all spasms and tics stopped completely, and they have not returned since starting that dose several years ago.  I doubt any traditional doctor would have been willing to prescribe that much magnesium. The RDA is 400mg, but many people believe this is too low.  Traditionally, it's been recommended to take calcium and magnesium in a ratio of 2/1.  But magnesium is less easily absorbed than calcium, so this ratio may not be valid for a lot of people, and in fact many cal-mag combinations found in health food stores often have additional magnesium.

Magnesium is just one of many helpful remedies and/or supplements for that might be helpful for fibromyalgia.  It's not a cure, but it may be helpful in relieving some of the symptoms. For more information about magnesium, click here to read Sandy Simmons's web page on magnesium.

Copyright (c) 2007
Contents of this article are the property of Mark R. London, MRL@PSFC.MIT.EDU  Contents can be forwarded to other people and posted on the internet, as long as it is forwarded in full.  Contents cannot be used in any way in any other media, without permission of the author.



Magnesium plays a fascinating, yet sometimes overlooked, role in nutrition. It is the 11th most abundant element by mass in the human body and is considered essential to all cells of all known living organisms! Hundreds of enzymes require magnesium ions for their catalytic action.

Although human magnesium deficiency is “officially” considered uncommon (curiously), it is reported that only 32% of people in the USA have enough magnesium intake to meet the RDA. Natural magnesium in soil is becoming depleted, reportedly due to over farming and pesticide use. Pesticides, according to some, kill the microorganisms in the soil which chelate the minerals from the rocks into bioavailable form.

Deficiency in magnesium has been linked to osteoporosis, asthma and diabetes. Magnesium also plays a role in the prevention of heart attack, stroke and many other scenarios.

If you are not aware of the use of magnesium oil (typically made with magnesium chloride), you may not know that magnesium can be absorbed through the skin. This, it is claimed, allows for its rapid absorption by cells. Swimming in the ocean will also, it is said, give you some magnesium.

I just discovered a fantastic tutorial for making your own homemade magnesium oil. It’s unbelievably simple and tells you not only how to make it but how to apply it and what to expect.

Users of this product, as can be seen from the comments, are raving about the benefits of this simple application of magnesium to the skin. They are claiming significantly reduced tiredness, less aches and pains upon waking in the morning – and reduced stress! I need some of this stuff. Sufficiently impressed, I had to share the tutorial with you.

Here, then, is the link to the full tutorial from the ever-wonderful Wellness Mama: http://wellnessmama.com/5804/how-to-make-your-own-magnesium-oil/

We are also in the middle of creating an article about the top natural food-based sources of magnesium. Keep an eye out for that very soon!

Update on this issue for me:

In May, I came up with an Anti-Inflammatory diet. Five days in, I felt much better. In October, I had to get new pants since my waist size went from 36 to 33. I also have improved my "supplement cocktail".  I can post more on this in awhile.


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The world as you know it - all that you see, taste, feel and touch, comprises only about 5% of all of the stuff of the universe. The other 95% is what we have considered "nothing" or the "firmament" or the heavens or mystic Other Worlds. This 95% is multi-dimensional and consists of potential realities that may be perceived.


October 25 Kissing of Venus and the Sun

Please —  those better suited to provide wisdom on this take the reins to tell us more— 

October 25th is the kissing of the Sun and planet Venus in the heavens which will bring 

a revitalization  and joyous celebration portal to enjoy her music! 

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"Hello! I hope everyone has a happy father's day this month as for me I will have to celebrate it alone without my dad he passed away."
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How To Receive By Natalie Glasson & Master Kuthumi

How To Receive By Natalie Glasson & Master KuthumiGreetings beloved light beacons on the Earth, I am Master Kuthumi. It is an honour to be in your presence today and I wish to support you in recognising, embodying and experiencing fulfilment within your being, your reality, and your spiritual growth....I wish to support you in creating what you wish to experience for…See More
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Life like that fascinates me!

Especially in environments that may seem unsuitable for life to live there.
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Columbine in the forest

"I have purple with white bottoms & burgundy ones with white bottoms in my garden..they are a very old but common cottage flower & readily self seed.."
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Columbine in the forest

"That is a beautiful plant.  I would enjoy the smell if only pollen didn't irritate my nasal passages."
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My Home Town 6:30am Early Morning 011

"I wish plants would find a different way to be fruitful and multiply that didn't irritate the sinuses.  That is very neat.  I wish I could try that drink."
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Columbine in the forest

#wildflowers #forest #nature
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My Home Town 6:30am Early Morning 011

"Yes I do live in a beautiful small semi rural township named after the mineral drink called 'Lemon & Paeroa' on the infamous Coromandel Peninsula, just on the otherside of the Karanagahake gorge from Waihi heading North...& only a…"
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"Tara, "Baby calm down " is a great song I agree, I grew up with this music, I was born and raised in Ivory Coast and finished school in Cameroun, i love African rhythm :o))) thank you Vlada, Happy Music Month journeys from Greece! And so…"
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What is this?

"Its called a smartphone lens flare your point of light is the blue spot between the sun itself. Explanation:- https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4178735"
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"Just released a few hours ago today 31st May..Happy Music Month Journeys From New Zealand...."
RichardtheRaelian replied to Bill Walker's discussion Pets waiting to Reincarnate in the group Reincarnation
"Hi! Its not pets waiting to reincarnate its pets waiting to be brought back to life using cloning technology"

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