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As the title says, this is taken from the Jedi training collection and it is excersise I've been quite succesfull with, all that time back, when I was a Jedi. (yes, I mean it, I was on that path for years before it was cool. XD And some time after that too)

It was two weeks of intensive training, more than 10 turns each day of this excersise and other concentration techiques and after that I was really able to sense other being around me and I was able to identify them in an instant too. So it was really hard work, but damn worth it. Now I decided to try it again and try to not give up because of change of enviroment. Hard work it is, really hard, but things worth it are just like this...

Sensing Life Force
Written by Jedi Jul-Qui

This experiment is very subtle, and does take a lot of practice to achieve, unless you are already sensitive to it.

A brief description is the switching on of the Life Force Sensing Ability, and one that once switched on as far as I have experienced you might not be able to switch it off. The ability allows the experiencer to detect life around them, be it at ground level, in the air, underground, or even in the water. It is an ability that does go well with Force Healing.

There is what some would call a down side to this, when it is switched on and practised your sensitivity will increase, and in the case of natural disasters you will feel a tremor in the life Force, that is the only way to describe it. It is like standing at the epicenter of an earthquake, the more loss of life Forces the stronger the feeling and knowing that it is happening, and believe me you will feel it no mater where they are in the world. If you wish to continue with this experiment please be patient with your self, do not try to push it too far or too soon. The choice to Do or Do Not is now yours.


For this you will have to find a place in nature, a park, beach, forest, even your backyard, somewhere you feel comfortable, safe with and not too many distractions, where you can sit comfortably in the way you prefer.

Take a couple of deep breaths to clear the lungs and mind, then close your eyes gently.

You will hear the noises around you, birds, dogs, people, the wind in the trees, the sea, music, automobiles. Recognise that they are there but don't listen specifically to them.

Around you is the Force bubble or egg shaped bubble, it is a part of the Life Force energy that naturally radiates out through the body. The field can be anywhere from a few centimeters (inches), to a meter or more (feet). Please note this is not as tangible as the Force Ball, it is gentler and mostly, but not always, only detectable by you.

This is also not to be confused with the Electromagnetic Field that has been captured on film by Kirlian Photography, this too is a part of the Life Force energy but a different level of it.

Now if you meditate, take a few moments to prepare, if not, relax the body starting from the feet and move upward to the top of the head, this may take some time so be patient with yourself, but in both types, keep awareness of yourself and the Life Force radiating from you. If you can not sense this, imagine a bubble or egg shape surounding you.

Inhale deeply through the nose and exhale through the mouth, do this four times, then return to your normal breathing.

Sense or imagine the Life Force Bubble gently expanding outwards from you, it moves over, around and through things, you will over time be able to sense where everything is in relation to you.

As the field moves outward you may feel a little bit of resistance, move it out to where you are most comfortable with it, at the edge of the resistance.

For first-timers it is usualy about thirty to seventy meters, (or about fifty to one hundred feet) the distance is variable, sometimes less, sometimes more, depending on the person experiencing it. As it expands you may have brief touches of other life around you, see if you can recognise what it is.

Hold the field at the point / distance you feel most comfortable with, stay with this for about ten to twenty minutes after achieving the distance you wish.

Allow your self to experience! as birds, animals, insects or people's Life Force move into that field you will be able to sense it, as a ripple on your Life Force Bubble, or even a definite feeling that someone or something, is moving towards or is standing close to you, even if they are at the edge of the field.

If you wish you can open your eyes to check but remember to close them again; the field should remain where it is. With practise you will be able to sense where and how far from you the other Life Force is, and in what direction it is moving.

Now draw the field back in towards you, sensing everything that leaves the field. Return it to its position around you. take a couple of deep breaths, open your eyes and think on what you have just experienced.

Some may feel as if they are unfocused or have not completely returned. Have a warm drink, and a little something to eat- a biscuit or piece of fruit is good- it will help get you over that feeling. With continued practise you will not need it. In time you will be able to sense the Life Force, moving around you without having to consiously direct the field. It becomes as natural and automatic as breathing.

On your first test of the experiment, you may not have sensed anything, but as I said, it is very subtle, and must be practiced.

For those who did sense it, and the Life Forces that moved through it, you can on your next test of the experiment move the Field a little further out and hold it for a little longer, continue increasing this each time you achieve that level a few times, till you reach a point that is usually about a couple of kilometers or about one mile in all directions around you. Understand that this will take time and practice.

Monitor your distance and time and always remember to return it to you, but there may come a time it may return to a greater distance from your body than previous. Do not concern yourself; it will return. But it does allow you to walk around with your eyes open and sense the Life Force all around you where ever you may go.

Once the Life Force Sense is activated and you continue to work with it, you may become more aware of the differences in the Life Forces around you.

In some cases it can help you sense who is ill or who is angry / threatening, because your perception of it will change as your sensitivity increases, allowing you to sense a diminished amount of Life Force in the person or animal, the degree of the lack of Life Force identifies the problem or illness, for someone angry or threatening, the Life Force they radiate is dark, heavy, and confrontational.

Remember to gently move the Field. It is like flipping a light switch on, a gentle and natural action. Don't try to force it, that would be like hitting the light switch with a sledge hammer- not good.

Remember to practice this often till it becomes as natural as breathing.

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