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What is the Hara?

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The Hara Line and its attendant chakra system exist in the 5th dimension, whereas the auric field and kundalini chakra system exist on the 4th dimensional level. The haric level is the level of intentionality (how we use our power of divine Will).

The haric level of our being holds our intentions, life task and purpose. When people have a healthy hara configuration they are healthy, on line with their life task, have personal integrity and a powerful personal purpose synchronized with Universal Purpose. When our hara is aligned with Universal Will, we are then aligned with everyone else who is ‘in hara’ and also with the Earth’s Hara (see page as above so below). When in hara we have no adversary, we do not argue, we do not need to defend or be right. We are grounded, and respectful of self, others and the earth.

Typical symptoms of haric misalignment:-

Inner conflicts
Loss of grounding
Loss of Inner strength
Loss of Inner sense of security
Lack of confidence
Loss of nurturing self-love
Struggle discovering your true Identity
Feeling abandoned, alone, vulnerable
Feeling you are under psychic attack
Survival issues – a sense of wanting to leave the planet
Anxiety or panic attacks
Loss of Identity with self and life on earth
Difficulty in receiving or accepting good things
Using the Mental mind and Heart mind functions separately rather than together
Feeling Lost and Alone
Feeling Stuck
Unable to move forward
Lack of direction in life
Lack inspiration or drive
Frustration at lack of achievement/success
Feel you can’t cope
Inability to manifest
Loss of healing abilities
Continually picking up other peoples negative energy or issues

Hara Line Chakras

EARTH CHAKRA - Below the feet, within the surface of the earth

The Earth Chakra anchors the incarnation/lifetime into the earth plane reality, makes this planet one's home and places one's life purpose into an Earthly context.
This aspect of the hara line is the grounding and ballast for one's lifetime and life purpose.

GROUNDING - At the Soles of the Feet
COLOUR : Brown

The Grounding Chakras center one's life purpose into physical direction and manifestation. They keep you grounded and in touch with everyday reality.
When they are not functioning, there is difficulty in dealing with the everyday world. When stuck open, the person can be susceptible to adverse earth energies. On the other hand standing on a positive earth energy point can benefit us because these chakras will bring in that energy.

MOVEMENT- Behind both knees
COLOURS: Tan & Dark Green

The Movement Chakras direct one's movement forward on one's life path.
People who have resistance or difficulty in fulfilling their life purpose may have pain in their knees

PERINEUM (Root) - Between the openings of the vagina and the anus
COLOUR: Reddy brown

The Perineum Chakra is the energy gate through which the Earth Ch'i life force is brought into the body and held for distribution at the hara center.
In Ch'i Kung it is called "the gateway of life and death."
The Perineum is the place of activating and anchoring one's life intention and purpose into the physical plane reality.

HARA CENTRE (Tan Tien) - 2-1/2" below the navel just above the Sacral Chakra

The Hara Chakra connects one's will to live with the life-sustaining energy of the Earth at the Earth chakra.
Strength, power, life force and regenerative ability also originate from this center when the chakra is fully grounded to the Earth.

DIAPHRAGM - At the level of the physical diaphragm muscle, just above the Solar Plexus,
COLOUR Olive Green

The Diaphragm Chakra provides for clearing and detoxification of any obstructions to the fulfillment of one's life purpose.

This is a cleansing of the entire hara line and can be quite intense, deep emotional purging. Indeed it is sometimes referred to as the ‘vomit’ chakra!
The process is ultimately positive, but may not seem so at the time. Go through it by simply allowing it to happen. Watch the sensations and let them go, not fighting, resisting, or trying to change them. Welcome the clearing and send love.

THYMUS - Between the Higher Heart and the Thymus

The Thymus Chakra connects the Hara line and emotional body to the Kundalini line and etheric subtle body.
The center connects our emotions to our physical body.
On the physical level, this chakra protects the immune system, which is clearly effected by the emotions
On an emotional level is our wish to live and maintain this incarnation is also held.
This center holds our drive and passion to fulfill the task we incarnated to accomplish in this lifetime.
It is a vital center, central to most of today's healing issues and dis-ease.
Aqua stones activate the Thymus Center and much healing happens along the way.
You can find the Thymus Chakra. It is located on the chest, between and about three inches above the nipples on the breastbone. When you find it, you will know immediately, it is painful and sensitive to pressure. Gently pressing this point "brings oneself wholeheartedly awake to the grief we have carried for so long and the vastness which awaits as merciful awareness. Meditating on the sensations that come while touching this point opens and releases grief (which may include anger, resentment, fear or other feelings.)

CAUSAL BODY CHAKRA - At the base of the skull at the back where the neck meets the head
COLOURS: Silver-Blue & Blue Violet

The Causal Body Chakra is described as all-potential within and the transformer of nonphysical information/light into consciousness, as in channeling, automatic writing, and working with spirit guides.
This chakra must be activated and balanced to bring mental commitment to one's life purpose, and this should be done only with all the hara line chakras together. Causal body activation manifests one's spiritual life purpose, as embodied in the entire hara line, into earth plane and physical reality.

VISION - At the Pupils of both eyes
COLOURS: Gray & Silver

The Vision Chakras can be used as lasers in healing, as well as for visualization and for manifesting our needs through visualization.
They are considered minor centers but are important for psychic healers.

INDIVIDUATION POINT (sometimes called the Transpersonal point or the 9th chakra)
Located centrally above the head, usually located where you can reach with your outstretched arm and hand
Horus with 9th Chakra shown

COLOURS: Gold & White

The Individuation Point enables a connection with the universe and takes you into enlightenment and ascension.
This chakra also carries the individual's reason to incarnate into his/her body, mind, emotions and spirit.
The transpersonal point separates the soul from its Universe source, giving it a personal reality and a life on Earth.

Diane Stein has some information on the Hara Line chakras in her essences books:



Her gemstones book also has references:


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