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A Great Task - A new prayer - A call for aid

My beloved friends, I wanted to share with you a few words about one of my tasks.


I am called to take a message deep into the heart of the consciousness of many Christian institutions.


Our Father and Mother, who art in Heaven and in Earth,

Hallowed be thy names.

Thy wills be done, through your daughters and through your sons,

On Earth as it is in Heaven.

Please, give us this day our daily meal,

And forgive us our trespasses,

As we forgive those who trespass against us.

And teach us how to own the consequences of our actions, seen and unseen, constructive and destructive,

That we should not be lead into stagnation,

But instead, by your Grace, we should be lead into our maturity.

Joined whole in Body, Mind, and Love.



As humanity enters into adolescence, we must grow in responsibility.

Just as a good parent puts training wheels on the bicycle of their child to help them learn how to ride, so too have the divine forces giving humanity "training wheels", allowing us much leeway.  


But now, we must remove the training wheels.  We must learn to be responsible for our own actions fully.

That is the point of this new prayer.  It begins inserting into the very foundation of Christian institutions this idea that it is not enough to ask forgiveness for our trespasses, but we must also take the next step, and ask the divine forces to help us fully own the consequences of all our actions.  Without this step, we eventually stagnate, because we are disconnected from our consequences.  That is fine for a child on a bicycle with training wheels, where each mistake is caught by the training wheel without us knowing, but it will not do for a mature bicycle rider.


The power of humanity is too great for us to be disconnected from our consequences any longer.


Now, to do this task, I must be willing to fully own the consequences of disrupting belief flows that have endured for at least a millennia.  There is terror, fear, panic caused by changing such a fundamental belief flow as what this prayer represents.  I must acknowledge this with humility and acceptance all of this pain, and I must bring love to it, and say, "even so, this must be."  


This is a great task.  If you are called to aid me in this, then recite this prayer, offer suggestions and changes to the wording(there is nothing sacred or holy about the words I chose;  all words are sacred and holy; the words may change freely to better capture the intent), and above all, recite it in true love, humility, and belief.   And if you recite it, be prepared to own some portion of the terror, fear, and panic that this causes, bring the Mother's soothing, gentle, love to quiet and heal the terror.


This is a task only for Spiritual Warriors.  I send out the call for all Spiritual Warriors on this forum to seek within themselves whether or not aiding me in this task is for you.


Peace to the mind. (Raise right hand, palm flat, and touch your third eye)

Strength to the soul. (Raise right hand, pointing skyward, thumb against your third eye, Raise left hand, pointing skyward, touching the bottom, the heel, of your right hand, then pull both hands down in a line following the centerline of your body until you reach the belly)

Wisdom to the heart. (Cross your hands over your heart)

Love to the land. (Open your hands in a gesture of giving and generosity to all the lands.)


A mighty blessing to us all, and all this earth, that we should all, each and every one of us, prosper in health, wholeness, balance, and well-being.



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