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Sometimes, people feel sorry for themselves. People will sit alone in their rooms or houses. People will allow their sadness to keep them down in the dumps. That is a choice humans make I spose. A decision they have made. Within this decision, they have chosen to indulge in self-pity,thinking about how the world is so against them maybe and creating & cocooning themselves in victim mentality .

However, if we use our mind & envisioning for a good purpose, we can learn something we had not expected.

By stepping out of our own point of view we might think differently about something.

When we “sleep on it”  persey we may find our load has lightened by the next morning too.

Now place yourself in another mindset totally from that of a animals point of view at life..

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What if you were the animal? What if you were one of the vulnerable wild animals out in nature itself? Living in a forest full of danger, peril and yet also beauty? For instance, if one was a Raven in that forest, all we would be thinking about is keeping ourselves safe from predators right.

As a Raven, and where they live.. lets say in the UK for example [as we dont have Ravens here in New Zealand where I live we only have Magpie's ] we would be on the watch for those Fox,Stoats,Hawks,Owls & Wild Cats  etc I'm sure.

As a Raven, one would be searching for our next meal and trying to find where that meal would come from.

For the Raven – alertness is of utmost importance to its survival in the forest.

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Animals have no time to feel sorry for themselves. They are simply too busy doing what has to be done to survive its a natural instinct & process. Each thing that happens in the environment of a wild animal is important. If an animal is not aware, it will not survive. For the wild animal, there is always a new survival problem to be solved.

When we, as humans, feel down and low – it might help to keep the Raven in mind. It doesn’t have the time to feel down nor depressed. The Raven cannot allow itself to become comfortable for its survival is at stake. If the Raven did allow itself to get physically comfortable and drop its guard, the Raven would not survive it would become some other wild animals dinner.

When we, as humans, get physically comfortable with feeling down and or depressed – how bad is our problem really?

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How bad can problemS really be?

The birds, animals and the wildest of beasts, live in the natural state of grace. This grace can only be found out in nature itself. Animals live beyond the rules of earth bound human made evil and good notions. Their instincts are obedient only to the laws of survival, growth, and health. Since animals live in obedience to these laws, they suffer no shame, no regret, or worry. They live by a pecking order on a food chain...They also do not curse their failures, or themselves if they fail on that food chain.

We can learn much from nature and all of the animals that inhabit the forest. They harbor no anger toward one another as such except for their instinctual behaviours for hunting, and they trust their own inner sense of how to live. There are many that will fall prey to a predator; this is the way of nature & the eco system at large the natural cull is important to sustain a living eco balance.

Nature has laws that animals follow diligently. They have no choice, for this is where and how they live. The life cycle of nature can be viewed by humans as often cruel – but it is meant to be like that to challenge the souls in these creatures to figure out life for itself...altruism at its finest.

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When we humans feel down or nervous, nature is a good listener. We can take a walk in the sun; listen to the birds,insects singing & the sounds of twigs & leaves cracking under our feet. The abundance of life around us...

We can feel peace while listening to the sound of a river flowing over moss ridden rocks & the winds blowing in the trees above our heads creaking their branches. We can clear our minds and free ourselves of any suburban infused worry and woe & pollutants.

If we allow it, we can achieve freedom from our thoughts in medative ways.

If we seek it, we can achieve a sense of peace and let go of our momentary worries. If we decide to sit and allow our ill feelings to take us over, then we choose to remain depressed like a victim to ourselves.

The first people that arrived in this part of the world thrived here. They lived here long before the Europeans came. Living in the homes which they built for themselves,from that which nature provided them with, they were perfectly happy in flax lined huts.

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They spent their time in the fresh air and sun, and drinking pure, fresh water from springs, streams, and rivers & waterfalls. Being creative making clothing,food baskets & tools to help them to survive..They lived long, healthy lives and were almost never ill. They were healthy because they knew how important the natural elements were. They had a respect for all that nature offered and they had the knowledge needed to survive and to be happy.

Most of us don’t need to live in homes built by their own hands these days. Most no longer live in huts or shacks at all either. We don’t need to live in this manner to follow the path of the native Indigenous peoples today.

I am referring to the physical place which one calls home. I am not saying that we should no longer live the paths of the native peoples. But what I am saying is that we should follow their examples and walk their emotional and physical paths. There is much wisdom and truth found on their paths. I believe in exploring and following this path, there is peace to be experienced outdoors in full connection with our planet.

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Getting out in the sunshine,or a walk in the rain and breathing in fresh air every day is a way that we can rejuvenate ourselves. Even on those really cold days, we can recharge simply by breathing the pure fresh air. Sitting in the center of a small creek, in the sun, on a rock can stimulate our thoughts to take on a new direction.We can create a vision where our worries are washed down the river and out of sight.

Sunlight is healing. It provides warmth and light to all. Fresh air cleanses our lungs. The process of breathing in fresh air brings more oxygen to the blood and the brain. When we think enough of ourselves to take a walk when we need it, even that small amount of taking in air can be healing. When we refuse, we choose to live in a very small and dark place.

Perhaps, when you are feeling down, reflect upon life as if you were one of the animals of the forest. I have already given an example of what life would be like for one animal – the Raven. There are vulnerable animals that inhabit all of the forests in all of the world. Each one has its own unique strengths and abilities. One is dependent upon another…whether they like it or not.

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If you were a Raven, you certainly would have no time to get comfortable, let your guard down and feel sorry for yourself. Perhaps, humans need a reminder of all that we do have rather than concentrating on what we do not have. Perhaps we need a reminder that we can choose our paths and do not have to hunt or find food.

Perhaps, humans need to be thankful we are not a Raven! I for one, am thankful
that I was not born a Raven despite holding Raven essence within me I have utmost respect for the bird itself,for it is beautiful and so damn cleaver in all ways.

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Do you think that this parallel to nature and animals can be applied to your life?
Do you choose to see the beauty around you?
If you see beauty - what is it that you see?
If you feel beauty - how does it make you feel?
Do you choose to see the negative and feel sorry for yourself?
Do you choose to ignore the beauty that's all around you?
If you don't see beauty, what do you see?

Touche. Sometimes they're one in the same yet what is good for one may not be good for another; one has to make the necessary changes in order to move forward. Regrettably and with a heavy heart I say this if one dosn't make changes to ones life it can devastate friendships if one is unwilling to look beyond the comfort of their homes 4 walls.

Personally, I think that this should apply to all of us in some form or manner. Could say I have reached a crossroad in my life where my thinking has altered, but I have decided that it will NOT STOP ME FROM  being simply ME & HAPPY IN THE NOW MOMENTS.

I feel right now I want to be just like a Cicada crawling & rising up from the earth after 17yrs underground wanting to release his earth song & shrills to the huge world around him to hear before he passes away & leaves this planet in a few short weeks..

Ꮙℓἇ∂ἇ ኔጡ።

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Comment by Morell Sunweaver on March 7, 2019 at 3:56am

Nice thoughts.

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