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ೋA Tantric Passage WithIn Natures Time...

New Bounties To Unfold On Life's Breaths..

I was once sitting in the forest at night writing my poetry & suddenly noticed as the clouds uncovered the moons ray upon my paper pages, it enlightened the entire forest in a mystical glistening ray .. the night turned & transformed it to something else I'd never felt nor seen before.

It was a deep and darkly silent night with a moon's tinsel beam upon the trees as their shadows fell upon the waving grass dancing in the wind, tantric in its full form in Nature, this made ones soul & skin tingle with goosebumps.

It was a single most beautiful thing I've ever seen..

With each season of the year brings a whole new experience here at night ...the best way to feel the relation between myself and this world was by residing here deep within the forest & at night gazing at the tree tops, listening to every hiss made by nature itself...

its like touching fingers with a invisible ethereal dark Goddess between glistening silken tule lace sheets.

It holds its own un-explainable sensuality in other words...

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It is a truly inspiring and emotional moment...

As  if New Bounties  are To Unfold On Life's Breaths....

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During Winter you can witness the trees holding the frostbitten reality upon their branches,...

During Summer a peaceful essence of warmth overtakes the place,...

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During Autumn you witness more  as the winds blowing through the leaves as they
fall to embrace the soil where they originally came from the seed..

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During Spring the air is so soft and gentle to the cheek as you feel the approaching of the warmest days of the year ahead, its wonderful...by the everlasting realms of quint essence, the sea of the cosmos is felt in the same way...

Only during the night time I can feel the Tantric taste of its nectar essence the most...

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I speak of a Tantric wisdom.. but wisdom is a big word and involves not just to experience physical values but also our emotional perception on life, our empathy, the nurturing of our own inner values that provide us with strength, in my view knowledge is more oriented on certain physical values,while wisdom is related more on spiritual values...thus personal experience provides us with understanding on what to do or what not to do in our creating's of future I spose...

People try to find the meaning of happiness within earthly things others have created and try to bring in such complicated definitions to everything not revealing that this happiness is right there next to them, to touch, to taste to hear & to breath..

But, it's also the individuality of people... nobody likes the same things in life right. And many dont even like the Night...

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Others find happiness in nature like I do, others in their ego material wants & things.... the point here is.. for each one to find what truly makes them happy and not to seek for temporary states... I'd prefer calling that wisdom...

Wisdom when written down and read by someone new thus turns back to a deeper knowledge..

On my dark winged shrouds of a nights abyss I embrace all that ever was or shall be or is.. from furthest shore of darkest spheres, depths of despair, grief & loss reefs, to humours beach & open gates..all without shoes upon ones feet..

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Oceans & night skies that open every heart..

I am like the nameless soul that listens to every cry and soul felt hurts..
I am that of ancient, yet a nameless birth,that smolder's in the deepest night in expectation.. of hope... there are no words found nor bonds that may be broken..That is what true freedom is,...When you sore across the endless fields of white misted clouds like a shrouded breath...Shinning in a sky with no moon...
Piercing across a barren land with no stars...
Appear like a place of dead trees with no leaves...

I am that which heals I'm told by so many, in the emptiness of night alone I am seen..when each soul closes their eyes and believes there is no hope my name is often unspoken, my touch hardly felt..yet I am at the door of silence within my heart,the guide and the answer, but never the message is in full as the path is mostly silence ...that is in every shadow spaces in their minds,yes I am there just watching...

Even tide soul of dawn and dusk, the space between, each burning soul's stardust, as I am a water that quenches, yet that cannot be grasped, the wind that moves, and forever lasts..

so what is emptiness without a name?
The silence found in every honest question is in my heart space..is it not!

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In view of events I have on past written into.. myself in the name, it's not thus temporary,as I am going through a soul healing process like everyone else is, though not so recent events but past time spent have hurt too deep for words to vent as once sweet burning melancholia as I traced the traceless...Walked the paths of my own making..

Asperatus Clouds: Undulatus asperatus (or alternately, asperatus) is a cloud formation, proposed in 2009 as a separate cloud classification by the founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society. If successful it will be the first cloud formation added since cirrus intortus in 1951 to the International Cloud Atlas of the World Meteorological Organization. The name translates approximately as "roughened or agitated waves".:

Imprisoned and caged as if in a profound slumber, yet the knowing of wind which spoken softly and tenderly engaging to bring forth as whispers held like deep secrets..
As deep as the breath of life itself, longing of vibrations similar in return, melodies orchestrated with intention sent out on dark Raven wings of this kin, yet un-beknown consciously as I am him and he is I..I believe acceptance of who I am and where I am on my journey on this planet allows my energies to reach out to others very easily,I embrace diversity,as this world would be extremely mundane if we were all the same! ..

fer1972: All Men Dream by Pawel Durczok:

I am therefore looking within to my higher-self and finding balance in complete emptiness..
naught but the heavy comings of Night, on the sea of essence of many a cosmic soul,the undoing of the old and perpetual imprisonment, the making of the new bounties to unfold on life's breaths..It is a concept I have not had any contact with before but cannot ignore it as it is a tenet I hold dear to my soul... and that one must have faith and love yourself in order to be at one with the cosmos.

This comes from my souls energies.. my calling soul frequency.. as it travels on like that of a lightning flash spark in the stormy night skies and it's feathered threads splay outwards to paint a picture of such beauty that words can not express..

 they are as punctuated by momentary controlled untraceable impressions on the mindscape, like psychedelic manna from a freakish realm.. my words come to all from another dimensional world...

Thunderbolt gets caught in the trees:

From beyond the stars and vivid space,transcendent, pure and of unimaginable beauty of electrifying intensity..
increasingly futurescopic,so do the pictures create this scene, un-natural as it is, yet invoking the inner spirit..
it's a astounding yet totally logical conclusion ...these are words intentionally known for producing passion into play.. driven by this single mastermind mauh,

my personality essentially alien to many,
yet employs to enrich others in my familiar voice which stands out and shines naturally &  brightly..Tis just me..


© Ꮙℓἇ∂ἇ ኔጡ። ♏їḱἇḧᖾ ێƈĥŏŏň

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