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The following rant OR  my'sOUL tRuThs' was written with no restrictions and no curtailing of any unknown knowledge but of a lifetime of realities already experienced & only from my own ackaic recall memories etched upon the walls of my 'Halls of Remembrance' ...I realise it may not be the most properly written piece. I also realise that not everyone is on the same page in the great and grandiose pursuit of ones souls life Mysteries- for the souls life Mysteries have no beginning nor no end just as Nature and the Universe there from...
I also will say that it may be more than one can handle and it may be less than one can handle- I would also recommend that we do not just brush over this too lightly and pass it off with a  "lol oh I know about this". Try to not be so quick to agree or disagree... there are some heavy implications here that may take more than a day, week or month to Fully Hit your psyche,simply from my planting thought seeds,blame it on this starseeds given natural birth gift I just cant help it.

Having said that - beware and be cautious :) ..Oh and don't expect to find anything makes sense in any sort of logical way at first as it may tweek & hit you later...way later...yet it may at times make instant total sense- but I was stating from the subjective state (pretty much)...
The path to higher consciousness is also the path through darkness into the light.,yes!..As the truth is nature keeps her best secrets not in the light but in the deep cold dark - words to think on and ponder especially when we go on associating the dark with this so called being religious people called Satan or Lucifier who to some with warped thinking processes is seen or termed as evilness, when to me Luciel [Lucifier] Ishukei Mekhut = [His Maldekian real cosmic soul name] is the light bearer he's not evil at all,nor is he this Satan./Devil..there is  in fact no such person at all this devil is made up lies to place one into fear....and everything that opposes or questions anything.. is indoctrinated deception and full untruths...fact!

Image result for dark distractions

Distraction and Diversion

Both of these are used very heavily to inundate the surface and sub psyche with the explicit function of preoccupying the mind and it's activities with superfluous needs and requirements.

A question: Why do this to people?

A answer out of many:

One of the best ways to control a group of people (otherwise known as the Masses of society) is to make them think and have a belief that they are in fact free and have choices.

Key words to remember- think and  BELIEVE... if they believe in the concept of being free and having full liberties and you give them a public system to contest and contend with, say something like democracy and capitalism or merchant-ism...whatever  you wish to call it then it allows for them to be oblivious to what is really going on in their holographic reality matrix happening around them in daily life. Ever heard this said before..I'm sure many of you have..

What we ought to be perusing is not even on the radar.

There is a reason for that, and it is a designed reason... something that has been manipulated & engineered. There is another key feature about controlling the masses... you give them what you want them to have... you give them the problems that they might be preoccupied with the suffering and the anguish of trauma & wars the desires of ego filled Hollywood etc.

You give them your own solutions and remedies.

You lead them along the idea that they are figuring it out for themselves... you furnish them with findings.. with data and little bits of truthful information.. you dress it up as new discoveries and as formally undeclared sciences. etc..

Key words to remember- you GIVE out what you want them to have .. That in itself will lead to the preoccupation of the mind and psyche.

With that in mind, one should become keenly and acutely aware that what is made available is also that of which has been allowed to be available. Everything available in all areas no matter how ingeniously it has been 'invented' or no matter how much hype or mystery it has been 'brought fourth' through it has been allowed. Even if it was put into motion by great people with great ideals and even if their breakthroughs/discoveries/inventions solved major crisis or sprang society several decades in advancement, it was still Allowed.

This implies another meaning...

One should now be concerned with what hasn't been made known.. that of which is not present- that of which is not available... those things which do not even show up on the radar -those things are deliberately kept away. It is done by design. Progress apparently is 'meted' out... metered out... measured out.. beware of the sub psyche levels as well...asking is anything real, describe what real is and its easy to get confused,what is this word imagination? how can something be called imagination if your thinking of something you've already seen somewhere else,then is it termed as real? If so then its not imagined is it!!..

A loud Raven kackle can be heard in the background..

The Perfect Prison..

Simply put this planet or Perfect Prison as some call it, its one where the inmates are unaware that they are imprisoned to begin with... where are the bars one would say, I'm totally free!!...

The reason  being of course is because if they have no idea they are prisoners then they will also have no inkling of a concept to escape....what is there to escape from?..

However, they are in a prison and therefore there is a need to escape really...

All of those imprisoned are unaware they are even really prisoners [Incarnation amnesia effect]... much less in a cell... so everything to them seems normal and that is what they live to work with in their mind...dont think too deeply over this now will you ,as you wont find the real answer either,you will just find more questions...

There could be more treachery...

This is a peculiar notion which at this point does not seem to be known- or at least it is not discussed in publicly accessible data forums.. it is the idea that some of the conceptions about how we work subconsciously may not be entirely true. This theory runs counter to the accepted ideas of how the subconscious works and why it works. Well, perhaps it goes further than they do.

Simply put: some of the areas of the subconscious may in fact have been engineered yes you heard right engineered. And when we refer to engineered we of course mean to imply that there may have been some degree of intelligent design as to how we are set up from the inner side.

We know that the subjective mind is a recorder... and it is also something of a habit play back machine.. We know that there is a part of the subconscious mind that acts like a receptive canvas- or blank sheet... the impression sheet. This part is spoken of when they refer to subconscious imprinting... We also know that it learns by imagery... not so much words.. but icons and ideas..

Reflect on this for a second. Those parts of the subconscious would make for the most perfect tools if you wanted to have a species of humans which would be trainable and susceptible to influence.. would it not?

So one would almost have to conclude that those areas of the subconscious are made to order. Additionally there is yet another reason why this is significant.

When a souls/ spirit decides to re-enter the earth plane by pressing through the soul into being and bringing forth it's ideal in the form of a model body (astral light body) it at some point has to reduce itself through the spectrum of vibration...thus is comes.. in a ball of light..or it comes in a space ship also spoken of as a Merkabah..these are travelling vessel's and come in all forms & shapes hidden in light but are not just round balls of light..

© √ℓἇ∂ἇ ♏؟ḱἇḧᖾ ێƈĥŏŏῆ

In order for a spirit ego being entity thing.. to have ANY kind of stake in a physical earth plane it has to have a claim here.. an investment- aka a body made of said physical plane material.

In order for a spirit to have that with this physical plane it usually has to go through the womb and attach itself via the silver chord... which is something like an anchor for the INFUSION of the vital life energy forces & ability to breath.

A spirit can't lay claim to the physical plane without anchorage to the physical plane.. or as they say- you can't work in a realm without a vehicle of that realm... What is the point -----> the point is a theory of course, that states humans of earth are stuffed at a very vulnerable point upon the entry into this world without a body... the point where our awareness has to narrow to shift into the avatar body suit its being given to be able to stay here within a limiting 3D reality,within a holographic Matrix...

Once again we should ask ourselves the inverse questions... set aside what is known and begin to look at what is conveniently withdrawn from the playing field..a child knows this already the adult has forgotten.

First of all the notion of creating humans in it's entirety is a farce! Humans aren't created... one must carefully realise this- we are something entirely different with an entirely different background than what the masses have been fed.

Secondly the idea of being 'created' should be re-examined. No God or Gods physically created mankind because mankind is their own God yes... once you understand that it is not just about Love, but also Life.. and once you understand that Life is just a part of the 'One Current that runs through everything',then you become that 'One current' also and Love...

So even the notion of this ancient God entity invisible being creating mankind in his image is a total farce... what the phrase really means  or revolves around another quandary for said ruling class... it wasn't about creating man.. it was about creating man to be docile and controllable... the question they were struggling with was how could they best interfere with the incarnating soul spirits knowing full well that the soul spirits would not go for a life of servitude against their own greater wills.

If they were, in fact, very smart in the manner of the physical and astral body of higher realms of consciousness and if they were also astute in the field of how the mind works before they got here, they could have created a mind trap for the incarnating soul spirits... because they knew the reduction of awareness took place on incarnating and the amnesia of past incarnated memory wipes.. they knew that the soul spirit had to anchor itself to the physical vehicle through it's model astral body.. but they knew just where to set up their deception and treachery...

The result was that when a human entered as a newborn it also was perfectly cleaned & pure of it's past life's  memories and most importantly- it's connection to the places from whence it had just left... these bodies are all set up to learn certain ways.. and it is made to learn differently in the first 6/7 years of life then things change drastically after that.. notice that,how things change,and do you remember that change,I bet many dont...young children learn through sheer absorption and almost osmosis... there are many books on that subject.. but what we want to consider here is this- it makes for one perfectly controllable creature! So much so that you can have it 'setup' or indoctrinated to however you want it to think... so that by the time it is an adult it has perfectly accepted the indoctrination as gospel  truths or just plain normal reality and there is no way of changing that thinking process without a battle,and this is why you get wars...humans will fight tooth n nail for their beliefs & thought pattern notions of reality that they chose to indoctrinate..

That is what one would come up with if the goal was to make a race of beings perfectly controllable where they wouldn't realise they are being controlled... the best way to control a group is to make them think they are free.

Talk about one wizz-bang of a psyche-job!

Image result for subconscious realms

What is the tip off to all of this you ask? Ha!

More questions.... that is the tip off.. not just any old questions either - certain curious questions...questions that many would think were coming from a mind that was totally insane to ask them in the first place..but this one  plants seeds of thought to the psyche for a good reason to awaken those soul spirits true consciousness...

Why is it despite the fact that we are all individualistic we all seem to function under the same sub-psyche responses.. why does our sub-psyche work the same. Why is reality stable? Why is there a part of our subconscious that seems to be edgy or paranoid when it comes to encounters from outside this planets normal reality? What exactly is causing our reality experience to be safe and secure? What is the story behind the 3 P's of the subconscious--- to Protect, to Preserve and to Procreate?

Image result for subconscious realms

The souls Epiphany is coming from these thoughts? Yes.. :

The breakthrough came by sudden realisation... there is more to the subconscious than just what we consider the impression plate... there is more to it than the perfect memory and data recording banks.. there is a part that goes further back... a part that is more, how shall I put it--- more arcane...ancient..

Why is there a stop? Why can't we make use of our former knowledge from past life time experiences?

Is it really because we would become depressed if we knew from where we came,or have been, how we have lived,mistakes weve made etc & so on...so we all agreed to undergo disconnections to allow us to function here?

Or is it really because if we had access to all that other data our functionality here would be severely hindered cos we'd all go insane thinking about it all at once 24/7?

The meaning other soul spirits will sometimes tell us we agreed to do this and that we are responsible for suffering as we do... what if I said we were dubbed, were tricked? Carefully consider that question... what if we came with the best of intentions and got blindsided at entry into the womb? And these are the advanced questions most people wouldn't think about,let alone question.. What is it within the sub psyche realm that is creating a disconnect?

It most certainly looks as if the natural channels of the body have been tampered with so that a disconnect is grown in as the body grows in the womb. We also realize that the idea of body extends far into the astral and we also realize that we exist on more levels in a single string than just atomic to molecular to cellular to organic... there is more.

The epiphany is related to the specific question: what is making reality safe secure and stable?

Why doesn't the sun turn off for a day- or why doesn't space turn white for a week?

or why doesn't the earth suddenly turn it's oceans into blood and reverse it's gravity fields?

Let us be reminded here that there are indeed Laws of Nature and therefore Laws of the Universe and Laws of Life that are in play... the question is relevant when one considers our relative experience in reality...

It is all the Law of Vibrations..

Image result for subconscious realms

What is locking us into this vibration?

Some say it is our own desires.. our desire to be here that keeps us here.. but we are so fragmented that we are confounded within ourselves- so that we want to be here on the inside but on the outside we don't want to be here?

How can this make sense?


About how our reality works

Relativity is a correct assumption. This part of us is responsible for our reality being Safe, Stable and Secure... This is a finer point. It is making our experience of reality that way- our personal experience with reality. It may not be our concern to worry about how the shared reality is made stable safe and secure- those are higher laws and we should rest assured that the laws work because the "have to"... however what is it about us that is keeping us here, and it makes sure our experience here is safe stable and secure. It is also the part of us that seems to freak out when ever we have close encounters of the unknown.

This part of us is also ever vigilant! it never sleeps or takes a break.. and it is constantly on the look out for anything that would compromise the integrity of our experience... in other words it makes sure we are safe from anything that would threaten our concept of reality. If for instance we encounter something which that part of us deems to be "too much to handle" it WILL BLOT IT OUT of our perceptions!!!  Guarantee it!  

If it can't blot it out, then it will blot us out.. in other words it will make us lapse into a coma and if it is real bad then we will Die from the coma. Let's say for instance you are on a planet which is blowing up and breaking apart.. that is a rather horrifying and shocking experience... it may be too much for the human mind to handle- so they all withdraw by the mighty order/power of their sentinel selves.. they will be yanked out of life to spare them the shattering horrifying experience of being on a planet being shattered..I know this from personal experience..I witnessed it happening,felt the pain and left...

First grumble, then get u... | Quotes & Writings by Sathve Vg ...

The key point here is that there is a element or aspect of our sub-selves that determines the relative experience of our reality here. This aspect allows or disallows things to happen. A big key term there- allows it to happen. This same element can disallow things from being in our perceptions. You can have things blocked out of your reality.. various other beings use this to make themselves invisible. They walk in other parallel dimensions along side ours,only sometimes interlapping across ours do we see them..but cannot fathom what they are from our own perspective of this reality.. It's not that they are invisible themselves- it's just that they are invisible to who ever it is they wish to be removed from.


Currently we may appear to be in a perfect Prison...so choose your perfect key & open the doors of your created reality...

These bodies we are using which are made in accordance to our inner image... hmm you should be able to see where the phrase let us make them in our image was DISTORTED from!

The idea that we are made in the image of a so called God is just rubbish,what it really is saying is actually referring to how our physical bodies grow to become like our astral bodies... do you get it now? The astral body is the Ideal Model body avatar- another way of saying Image. Hard to follow? Don't think so.

Some where along the great Ray of created soul strings in the cosmos & universe we[humans] may have been f#cked with... Some one[being] or some thing [extraterrestrial race] who clearly were in possession of the real understanding of how things worked on this planet.. have very easily tampered with the integral sub-systems of these bodies,this I know as fact,& I knew this information at a very young age from past memory mindscapes..this is higher intelligence &  is not a almighty GOD as most humans seem to think, this is Extraterrestrial in nature, we are all Extraterrestrials all of us & we are all from other planets around the universes & even from other dimensions... really,...incarnated here to seed humanity & its evolutionary process... but we don't know it,nor would we believe it,cos this is what we've been told to believe,we live.... we die that's it,.....this is to keep us all dumbed down from finding out the truths about this planet & who we really are and how we got here....'incarnation amnesia state' its called..

© √ℓἇ∂ἇ ♏؟ḱἇḧᖾ ێƈĥŏŏῆ

There are indeed certain truths about this world and it's real histories.. yes.. there are certain truths about how the universe is ran by amazing cosmic laws and that these cosmic laws are also a part of nature and that nature extends endlessly with no beginning nor end..

These things are true and good- and it was by those very same cosmic laws that our bodies were possibly tampered with,this happened before human incarnation began,this happened by a break off reptilian race that tempered and sabotaged the human experimentation and stole a building template of virtual nature & vital information,

This I have spoke about before from vision scape,this virtual template it was stolen during its writing & planning process before it got embedded fully to the making process of reality[this may not make sense to you right now].. because there is one thing important to realise about how the cosmic laws of the universe work- first of all there are many realms within realms [you may know this 3D realm,but there are more above it still on this planet].. bubbles within bubbles within bubbles.. there are truly hierarchies.. higher laws can overturn and over rule lower laws.. or the other way of saying it: Lower Laws can be set aside in light of Higher Laws..

We can for instance call into action greater laws of nature that are not seen at our level UFO's can be called on in this way- and it would in fact have to intervene.. because of the law.. for example: if we have the wires and the light bulb and a power source all properly connected and installed and we turn the switch to turn on the light bulb- we are calling into action certain law.. the bulb has to shine and give off light and heat.. it has to.. by law.. however there are higher laws that supersede this law...

We can call into action the law which allows for our own will to take over and we can make the light of the bulb diminish entirely even though the bulb is on and electricity is flowing through it. This may seem like an impossibility on the normal level but it is within the Law of the cosmic Universe because it is working by Law..

Those are my truths.. however if there has been tampering in the design of these bodies (and the tampering goes deep into the layers of what we call subconscious which touch on the physical) then it would seem that our bodies and the way our psyche works was all engineered to be easily controlled and impressed upon... it loses it's appearance as a natural occurrence and gains the stature of something that has been deliberately constructed..

Image result for not the whole world

Our world is not the whole world..

This notion is important enough to mention.lets say when a extraterrestrial race wants to control the masses you must also make humans dependent while they believe themselves to be independent.. you must make them want to crave to become full.. by making them empty inside.. because if you have a bunch of full members of your subjects- then there is no hunger within them- and they cannot be controlled. You also want to stifle all ideas of becoming full by either totally not mentioning any of it- and/or by supplementing them with falsities... something like a mirage in the desert to entice a thirsty traveler..

But how to make one empty on the inside so that they turn away from the inner side to pursue fulfillment in the outer side... hmmm.. that's a tough engineering goal, and it may be safe to say that was an actual question for these ET controllers. The entire concept from the onset could be engineered-- trust is hard to come by. Why can't we live in this physical plane while remaining fully aware of our soul String? [past incarnation life memories]... so the best way as it turns out to make someone empty is to throw a noose around their life line while they are at their most vulnerable- the moment of attaching the life anchor in or around the time of entry into the womb..

This creates the great drive of mankind.. to seek- to hunger and thirst.. we are on incarnation totally empty on the inside.. we want to be full [consciousness begins].. but we can find no relief in the inner side - well because it is dark and cold.. oddly enough when you cut out the connection within that makes us empty and hungry it also makes it dark. This compels us to seek and drive and find fulfillment in the outer realms... the light is without us and the substance is without us...

But they must of figured that not all of the great might of life can be tampered with.. because deep down we also have a calling- one they fear us achieving- and that is the call of our spirit... it is the one crowning calling of the sub psyche that is untouchable by them... the other callings of the sub-psyche.. that of procreation, protection and preservation all serve them.. think about this..

We have a drive to procreate--- to perpetuate the distorted bodies by calling into being spirits who may not realize the degree of how far the distortion goes- not until it's too late at any rate.

The Drive for protection and preservation- well.. in order for there to be a species under control there has to be a species present, otherwise it is no longer any fun. So they must have taken great measures to ensure the perpetuation of their species as sheeple...

The next step is to shorten lifespans.. you cannot have a species to control and rule if they are living long epochs- why? because given enough time they will figure this shit out and rebel. Can't have that can we... And now we come back to making us empty on the inside. If the infinite 'light' is garbled and blurted so that it cannot fully enter all the way out there into this glorious physical reality plane- then that means life is greatly garbled itself.. shortened.. and empty..

We are suggesting that this life of survival- just on the merit of the basic tenants of survival is engineered once again. It's as if certain lines have been disconnected which would have allowed us to be lighted inside.. once the light within was there we didn't have to survive like we have to do now.. but you can't control a species who doesn't have to survive to live..

So the need to survive.. is a form of distraction.. the very nature of surviving to live preoccupies the mind with a whole series of necessary but distracting notions. What do they distract us from? freeing ourselves from this invisible bullshit virtual reality prison... or how about just taking the time to fully know the truth about our disgusting little predicament.

That is why the real truth about the real earth in 3D is rather horrid.. because it is nothing like how anyone is describing.. it is so distasteful that it's enough to scare a person dead white.. and that is putting it nicely. Also, there are a lot of people saying a lot of things.. it is hard to tell from where these notions come from.. because they may receive it as an idea or epiphany but who is to say where it really came from? because we are all creator souls & as such are fully capable of creating our own reality..right..

Once again we must step back and look at what is not being said by examining what is being said.. and we should realise that what is made to be known in the world is exactly that made to be known.. as in it was planted and supplanted with deliberate and concise intentions as thought seeds.

We must also consider these who are the controllers or the engineers are in a position to call into action and incorporate laws of nature that well, let's just say that they are privied to and we are not. That is of course, if that is what is truly going on here...

Image result for dried fish skeleton in sand

Something Stinks in Denmark and it is definitely not the fish.

Ever heard that saying before its very ancient...

Regardless of who it is or if it is a who... there is something going on here. We at least have to see this. It's safe to say that there is such a thing as the mundane world and that this world is peopled by what we call the Masses. The Masses are the hordes of people who are content with the world as it is and they live their lives going through the muck trying to seek out a living while also trying to figure out the meaning of life etc etc blah blah.. the people may improve upon their standard of living. they may do this or do that- but basically they all go through the same motions of life.. the same milestones that are the hallmark of good living.. The world has many nations with many variants of the status quo.. but in all it is the same.. people if they are left to the pushing and pulling tides of their subjective urges will go through life a similar way...

Outside the Mundane world however lies a world very different... those who stop are able to begin to see this other earth.. and it is amazing to behold- if you can have enough time to tune in. but our world here out in the ordinary is made to be so busy and so exciting or dangerous or terrifying that we scarcely have a second to stop. It is so bad that even the concept of stopping and spacing out is looked sadly upon as not making progress...

The world has been set up by the controllers after they have tampered with our connections and we have grown so accustomed to it that we inadvertently do their dirty work for them.. by shunning people who want to stop the human hustle to see the real world beyond 3D..

We can in fact live connected.. we can in fact function just fine while having the ability to be free with our awareness. When you get into a car to drive it- you always know that you are driving the car do you not? And you can stop the car and get out and walk outside of it... you can do amazing things- clean it.. work on it.. but there is one thing you never do.. you never get into a car and forget that you are the driver and begin to believe that you are the car...right!!...

Well that is the big joke that has been perpetrated onto us.. we did everything we are supposed to have done to enter into these supreme and superior cars.. but somewhere along the line we forgot that we are the drivers and we have begun to believe we are the cars.. this is called the Personality!

The Personality is the "concept of self" or "you" that you have become in this life.. in this physical car called the human body. That is why Theosophy makes a distinction between Personality and Individuality.. the truly imperishable driver (aka the ego) is the Individuality.. the car is the Personality... we become so identified with the car that we think we are the personality.

This is not entirely who or what we are. We are much more than that and it's almost as if someone doesn't want us to realise that. Because to know of your true self is very powerful.. you cannot be stopped, and there is a good chance that is bad for some ones business.

We want a world where people are empty on the inside and have this basic underlying construct of fearing the unknown.. being cut off from their source within- or made to be reduced... We want a populace of unsuspecting people who have no reason to search so they won't know..

So it is very smart.. scramble the inner connections so that ones inner world is in Darkness,good shit switch on the lights someone.. it makes them empty and gives them the insatiable drive to hunger.. supply them with all the answers and solutions you wish them to know.. make withdrawn from the collective all that which could be of glorious benefit to them.. preoccupy them with useless material advances and set backs.. offer them both good and bad so that there can be a struggle and no one will suspect anything.

Because if it was all good- or all bad then something wouldn't look right.. give them a world where they can feel as if they can do anything within their range... it's kind of like placing a person in the wading pool while leading them to believe that pool is their entire ocean... despite the fact that the real pool is right there next to them... structure how their sub psyche's work so that they are influenced by greater forces from within...make sense to you,..

I'm sure it does cos if you were part of Panea  or to some also known as Lemuria all this was part of the cosmic Universal Law & known by all who were there at the beginning of the seeding of this planets humanity..yet you all forgot everything...

let us end here... we shall return at some point when it suits us to go on another Raven infused starseed rant.

© Ꮙℓἇ∂ἇ ኔጡ።  ♏؟ḱἇḧᖾ ێƈĥŏŏῆ


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NOTE: Some images on this article are from google search & are depictions only unless stated otherwise & these are personally owned by myself & copyrighted.

Meet you in the Bakery for a pastry & a Cappuccino on the corner aye!!...rest relax.. inhale...exhale..breath...

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Comment by Tara Pelton on May 2, 2020 at 10:44am

I love your messages  and thoughts. Raven is so your essence. I met raven woman the other day she has same powerful energy, brilliant. Thank you for bringing Raven into my awareness 

Comment by Morell Sunweaver on March 7, 2019 at 3:42am

Mystial sense, hidden unspoken... well that is how some music and films work for me. Reading doesn't move me into alpha state at all. (and mentioned two things doesn't work often either.)

Comment by Ꮙℓἇ∂ἇ ኔጡ። on March 7, 2019 at 2:13am

Its not all suppose to make sense... mystical infusions can be interpreted differently by different people..glad you enjoyed it though..

Comment by Morell Sunweaver on March 7, 2019 at 1:50am

Amazing thoughts, Vlada. It does make sense.

Comment by Ꮙℓἇ∂ἇ ኔጡ። on March 6, 2019 at 11:22pm

I'm not so sure if we will all remember everything,as the amnesia state is part of the human incarnation process and as such the soul must traverse, unfold & go through the transformation process during its set lifetime here on this planet.Each span has a set path & unique course to follow.

Comment by Tara Pelton on March 6, 2019 at 9:55pm

This is so beautiful, Thank you

Soon, we will remember everything... 

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Ꮙℓἇ∂ἇ ኔጡ። commented on Morell Sunweaver's group Art valley
"Well done,you gave it a good shot,with so little materials,right down to painting the motif on it."
Morell Sunweaver commented on Morell Sunweaver's group Art valley
"My new table for serving my teas."
Arethinn aTinderel posted a blog post

Fairy & Human Relations Congress online event

Something I keep meaning to go to One Of These Years, but which like Faerieworlds (whose online event I missed in August, whoops) is difficult logistically because of being a camping event not within reasonable driving distance from me. I assume their event this past June was cancelled (a shame for them, as it would have been the 20th anniversary). They have plans for July 2021, but in the meantime they will be holding an online event January 15-17, 2021:…See More
Morell Sunweaver replied to Steven Hutchinson's discussion Inner Earth Fairy Healing Meditation By Steve Nobel in the group Messages from Angels and Ascended Masters
"I don't know, visiting fairy realm but calling arcahngels is like mixing salt peanuts with chocolate. It works for someone, but doesn't feel right to me, I sense chaotic energies from it."
Steven Hutchinson added a discussion to the group Messages from Angels and Ascended Masters

Inner Earth Fairy Healing Meditation By Steve Nobel

...Inner Earth Fairy Healing Meditation By Steve NobelSteve Nobel ..... In ancient Irish tradition it is said that the Tuatha De Danann (Faery Races) came from the stars. The Faery Races left the earth-plane as humanity descended in consciousness and vibration.They retreated into the faery mounds, disappearing from this world into the underworld. This happened, in different parts of the world, before and after the fall of Atlantis. In the inner earth they built “four cities that no mortal eye…See More
Ꮙℓἇ∂ἇ ኔጡ። commented on Tanner's blog post Starseeds.net is back
"Also any empaths can pick up on sexual energy fast.. even if your not interested you are actually emitting it regardless..like when you say you have a innate ability to turn grown men into drooling idiots speaks for itself....and those PSI…"
Tara Pelton posted a status
"Love the image. Thank u. I am grieving a 100 year carob tree cut today thank u for being aligned"
Sep 21
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Sep 21
Morell Sunweaver commented on Tanner's blog post Starseeds.net is back
"Strong mind attracts weak minded. It is charisma of power."
Sep 21
Steven Hutchinson added a discussion to the group Messages from Angels and Ascended Masters
Sep 21
Tara Pelton posted a status
"Been close to the frontlines here in Oregon. Yes your loving thoughts help. We are all connected and entertwined"
Sep 18

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