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Conversation with Ascending master and Druidic teacher, John Paul Riley

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Question: my Lord, the depth of my emotions overpower me. I am seeking to understand what is going on within and without, and how am I to respond?

The divine power of love, innocent love, divine nature, will first soothe you with the knowing we are connected in her presence.

That is the first step, to ground yourself. Ground yourself in the divine power of love, innocent love, divine nature. You will find solace in knowing you are connected.

Even when we do not know the source of the fear and suffering that rises within, we can open our hearts and begin the connection.

We can plant our feet deep in the earth as a tree who may bow with the wind. We are here to transmute this pain this suffering of humanity into Love; that Love that made the earthworm, the sun, the river.

Knowing we are in the path of Love; embraced by love of divine nature, and that she holds us in her embrace.

Next, know you are here to transmute pain and human suffering into Love. The ecstasy of Love is the same resonance as the anguish. It is the same heartbeat.  You can gain the strength to process this. You can shed the light into the darkness purposefully, with the intention to conquer the fear and to overcome as part of her divine balance. 

We are Warriors of Light; we are Spiritual Warriors: we know the fear, we know we can respond to the fear. We can transmute the fear and suffering into Love.

Question: My Lord, what do we do with the terrible fear that causes violence, betrayal, and unnecessary suffering? What do we do with the vibration from man's inhumanity to man?

This hatred we do not process. We've wrap it up like a gift and we send it back. We send it back to the originator wrapped in Love.

But when someone comes to us, asking for compassion and understanding, with an authentic desire to be healed and whole, those are the kinds we process. Then, you can feel compassion. Then, you can reach out to be that person and own their fear and you can be ecstatic in wonder and the rush of innocent Love.

You can know: I am connected. I am loved. There is a force greater than I. I am a part of the divine flow. Then you are participating in turning that fear into love.


Question: How do I know if it is my own fear or fear outside me? How do I know whether to send the hatred back wrapped in love, or to allow compassion?

Take these steps:

First, look at it.

Ask yourself while you are connected to your higher power: “is this a true outpour of desire for compassion?" you will discover if it is a request for understanding or if this seated in violence, betrayal, and inhumanity.

You will receive the answer.  It is not for you to judge, but to listen for the request. If there is no request, wrap it up in Love and return it as a gift to the originator. Even if you have returned it with Love and later, the request is made for wholeness, you will know and can respond to the request for compassion with Understanding.

Ask yourself: “Am I strong enough to transmute this suffering into Love?”

You may not always be strong enough, and that's part of your training, to become strong. Ask for help.  That is why some of us are able to receive what you cannot right now. Again, only upon request, or asking of the question, can we respond and hold the overflow of what needs balance, for you, until you grow strong enough to do it yourself.

If your strength is building, if you are practicing, and yet overcome with emotions you are unable to process easily, then send the desire for transmutation into Love onward, to stronger masters, to those who surround us.


Your request will be heard and the response will be there to do just this: metamorphose that pain into Love.  I will be there for you.  Send it to me.  You do not have to be afraid or overcome. Send it to me. 


Know that there will be times when the glory, the rapture, the ecstatic wonder fills you with joy. Be in these moments and let the joy course through your blood, through your body, knowing that this too does not “belong” to you. Allow that joy; Fields of glory before you; just let the wind come through your breath, and taste the pungent spice upon your lips. 


From your heart ask: “May this emotion go out and be shared in balance and wholeness.”  Because your joy is coming through you out into the world, bringing balance and wholeness.


The bird does not own the wind, and yet she flies. She does not suffer because she is made of Love; is one with Love, just as the infinite heartbeat that moves that tide, that is the blood of Earth's rivers.


In this time, in this place, within this perception, Blessed Be.

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