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House of Danu Druid Gorsedd July 30 - Aug 2

The HOUSE OF DANU presents its bi-annual Gorsedd celebrating the
Festival of Lughnasadh, July 30, 2010 to August 2, 2010, in the
redwoods overlooking Monterey Bay.

Druids and Pagans from throughout the world will gather to learn ritual and
bardic skills; share food, drumming, and dancing; and celebrate Druid
culture in California for 4 days and 3 nights. The Gorsedd will
include nightly Bardic campfires and a rousing Eisteddfod (performing
arts celebration) nestled in a redwood grove. The weekend will be
capped by a grand procession and ritual celebrating Lughnasadh that
all participants create together.

Workshops include:

* The Art of Drumming: skilled professional-level drummers will give
workshops in Celtic, Middle Eastern, African, and Alchemical
drumming techniques for all skill levels.
* Chanting and Ritual Dance: led by Evilie Delfino Sales Posch, we
will build our skills and confidence in ritual arts through
learning chants and dances we can perform during the Lughnasadh
*Daily Spiritual Practice - The Druid Grove will preside over a discussion and present
techniques for daily spiritual practice as it is done in the Druid tradition. This takes many
forms, and is an essential feature in building an enormous spiritual capacity. Ultimately, it
can lead to a point where your life emerges as a walking meditation within which your
powers of learning and healing are enhanced tenfold.
* Healing Practices: led by a panel of Pagan and Druid leaders.
* Sustainable Living: ritual and practical ways to cultivate
respect, awareness, and action for living our Nature-centered
spirituality and ethics.
* Creating Ecstatic Ritual: led by T. Thorn Coyle, an interactive
opportunity to learn how to use traditional ritual structure to
build group ritual that encourages us all to be fully present in
the enchantment of the moment, connected with each other and the

The Gorsedd will feature a special message from OBOD Chief, Philip
Carr-Gomm (www.philipcarrgomm.druidry.org) accompanied by
internationally acclaimed recording artist Damh the
Bard.(www.paganmusic.co.uk). Philip Carr-Gomm will be available to
spend time with you through live Skype video on Saturday morning.

Evelie Delfino Såles Posch, Bard of Taliesin, performing artist,
and leader of the Chorus and Band for Reclaiming’s Spiral Dance
(www.youtube.com/watch?v=5k8EU4TeBXM) is again our Gorsedd Bardic
Master, presiding over our chanting, ritual music, and Eisteddfod.

T.Thorn Coyle, priestess of the Feri tradition, popular author,
performing artist, and teacher (www.thorncoyle.com), has joined the
staff this year to teach Bardic skills and show us how to create
ecstatic ritual.

The Druids of the Oak, Ash & Thorn Brewing Company are bottling a
special mead under the House of Danu label for the Gorsedd

On Sunday night we explore our shadow selves with Pomba Gira. We
emerge in black and red costumes, masques, face paint, and leather, to
move with sensual live drum rhythms supporting music spun by the House
of Danu House DJ, Murias O’Ceallagh.

Registration fees include all events, workshops, 8 wonderful meals
prepared by Buddhist wedding chefs, and lodging.
Camping: $277.00
Bunk in cabin: $337.00
Space is limited so register early.

Registration and more information is available at the House of Danu
website: www.houseofdanu.com.

The HOUSE OF DANU is sponsored by an alliance of California Druid
Groves and Seed Groups of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids
(OBOD). Membership in OBOD is not required, just an interest in
exploring Druid culture. Our House includes members of all known Druid
orders in the West,and Pagans from many traditions.

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