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Hello Elven friends :) Thought I’d share an Imbolc themed meditation here on some healing and creative inspiration. I’ll soon be meeting with my healing group for our medicine woman’s favourite celebration; Falling Star visits Ireland (from here in Ontario) about every year for blessed candles and water from Brigid’s well. This meditation incorporates some of that water/fire energy with a focus on healing light for the Earth, also with Egypt in mind as they get through the hard times.


*          *          *


Find a comfortable place to sit and begin by taking a slow breath in… and out… and as you breathe in, envision a white and golden light filling you and passing through your body, from the top of your head, moving down through your arms and legs, and continuing on, down into the Earth’s core…


Now bring the light back up, moving again through your entire being, legs, arms and body. The light passes up through the top of your head and into the sky, connecting you to the universe in eternal oneness… As you breathe in, breathe in tranquility and inner peace… As you breathe out, breathe out any tensions and worries now released…


As a passage in the light opens, you find yourself stepping towards a peaceful flowing river. Watch as a bridge takes form over the calm waters, leading you across to the other side. As you cross over the bridge, you enter into a meadow. The sun shines with a warm breeze in the air as the last snow of winter begins to melt away. The first buds of spring are coming into bloom.


A trail of light leads you along the path through the meadow. You hear around you the song of insects within tall grasses, and songs of the birds from the sky above. Notice any animal guides that travel along with you. Where the meadow ends, the path leads on toward the green hills stretching out with a mountain in the horizon, and a distant village not far away.


Early spring becomes fresher on the hills as flowers take bloom. You enter into the village to find the people here coming together and preparing for a journey onward towards the mountain. They invite you to come along with them on the path.


At the end of the village stands a large well with water being drawn up in a bucket. The water is used to bless white candlesticks collected in a basket. As the candle basket is passed around and comes you way, you choose a candlestick and find it has the emblem of a chakra colour. See this colour in your mind as a focus of healing and opening up to.


The winding path continues onward and upward along the mountainside. Once at the top you can see the open view over the land and distant ocean. The villagers gather around a large centered bonfire. The flames start to change from orange to a deep and calming glow of violet. As you look into the flames, notice any images or patterns that form as a message of inspiration for the days to come.


Soon a torch is lit from the flames of the fire. The light from the torch is passed on from one candle to another, moving around the circle. Take a moment to put your thoughts and prayers into your candle as the moving flame is passed on to you. Focus on the healing energy building up in unity with the people. Expand the light out around the mountain and outward to the land and sea beyond.


Focus on friends and family, and others in need of healing. Feel inner peace and tranquility in oneness as the Earth begins to heal. The light of the candles grow stronger and expand in a pulsing glow. They envelop their sticks entirely and transform into a beam of white light, soaring out into the universe.


Once the healing is complete, the villagers take and moment of celebration and gratitude. They thank you for joining them on this journey, and now it is time to head back again for home. The group slowly make their way back down the mountainside, taking in the scenes of blooming spring along the way.


Head back through the village and follow the path of light into the meadow. The path leads towards the bridge from where you came. Cross over the bridge and return through the curtain of surrounding light… Feel yourself slowly coming back now to this current space and time… When you feel fully returned to your psychical body, open your eyes.


*          *          *


This is a bit of a quick one with easy details to remember (I tend to drift off in space and forget half the time) and is best taken slowly without a rush. Meditation writing is a creative way of going on a journey into those higher realms with messages for our minds to open to, and it’s always best to go with what comes up first. Remember to look into animal guides and chakra colours. There was some Violet Flame karmic healing in there as well. The symbol in the flames may be another message to look into to find what it means to you as a focus for your closer future. Hope this meditation was helpful. :) Blessed Imbolc! /|\

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Comment by Daniel "AloeMantis" on February 8, 2011 at 10:46am
Awesome Ted! :) Glad you enjoyed the journey. /|\
Comment by Nevin on February 7, 2011 at 9:24pm

1000 thanks Daniel,


What cheer to bring together Brigid's healing water and flame and Candlemas all in one meditation.   I saw an orange glow from within the white candle and wolves joined me in the walk through the woods.    It felt like the ceremony was sending Spring out from the circle and enlivening the land.   

Comment by Tara Pelton on February 1, 2011 at 11:47pm
Thank you so much.. this is beautiful and yes, very healing for us and the whole...

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