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Is there a notable difference between Elves and Fae? I have a few faery books and they lump elves, Fae, mermaids, undines, gnomes, trolls and dwarves under the same category. I think I have had past lives as Tuatha de Danann. According to mythology, after the Fomorians defeated the Tuatha, they went underground and became the Sidhe. Last I checked the Sidhe are faeries.What thoughts do you have about this? Feel free to share. :)

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In my view they're all elementals, but - for example, in the case of undines and mermaids (which are often conflated), undines are the element of water itself, whereas the mermaid/merfolk are an entirely different elemental altogether.  Since I don't fall into any of the other categories of elementals, I can't really speak for them - they know their own kind more than I...LOL.

I do know, that when I was making the groups, and wanted to do a Pixies group, they seem to be conflated with the Fae, from the images.  The pixie I know does not look like a fae - she has no wings and the 'traditional pixie' hairstyle.  I created two separate groups - one for Fae and another for Pixies.

I would say Fae is the species name that lumps them all -- like all are fae but not all are elves for example

elves are a type of fae

elementals and fae are different IMO -- i think it depends on how occultly inclined one is 

I think that fae are much more connected with specific things in nateure than elves.

Yes but I'd call them fairies (which are a type of fae)

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