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Fermi paradox

Scientists are searching for habitable exoplanets or those similar to earth, capable of supporting life - as we know it. It is estimated there is potentially habitable planet orbiting at least 1% of total stars in the universe or a total of 100 billion earth lik planets. The Fermi paradox asks "where are they??" What is your opinion? What are they and why we don't see them....your opinion matters

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Multi cultural beings

We may have in mind that our brothers, being of a different type of consciousness, are foreign or strange. In a singularity or ego centrically focused mindset, this is so. However, there are many forms of consciousness, seen and unseen. You do not know the consciousness of animals or plants until you have learned to understand it. It is the same with other consciousness' that are unseen. There are many aspects to consciousness and many dimensional levels of perception. That with which we are… Continue

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Loss of our culture and loss of our placement -rejection

I feel it should be said that the social structure is not available for understanding the multi-dimensional mind. This is why we face many issues of abuse and rejection. However, the weapon we have is wisdom, connection, community and most of all awareness our work is to be enlightened or in a place of love or simply aware. There is no place for such simplicity in such a complex world. We are continually forced to justify existence within a framework which is human worldly. My only answer to… Continue

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World events

After some hazing ( teasing ) about my inability to watch the news or any sort of violence in film or video, I have been making some sincere attempts to face the world as it is given in electronic and paper media reporting. I've concluded it is hurts too much to process a vast majority of the information. How can you possibly comprehend and process This kind of petty violence and threats of annihilation, or complete destruction which are equally reported in the news? I have attempted to do it… Continue

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Tuatha de Danann Culture Worldview Restored

Tribe of Earth’s Children Tuatha de Danann, the way of life and culture, our worldview has been lost for so many centuries, millennium of darkness. We are returning not just in spirit but in mind and body to manifest on earth today our native selves.


To say that our culture was lost not just through time, but through the disassociation from the great spirit, and loss of knowledge in the lost of consciousness.


Again the light has come and the grid of…


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Wishing to be in quiet places in nature to connect with our more harmonious expressions. Human cities feel overwhelming noisy!

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Physics and Multidimensional Worlds

I've seen a few BBC series' detailing the latest mathematical theories in physics including parallel universes, string theory and others. I am curious if you believe the discovery of multidimensional realities in science matches or parallels our fresh, more aware perception of it?

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Mental health, zen , dancing

For some time now I have been practicing zen. Because of my differences, meditation seated without moving about was not possible, so I have been practicing moving meditation. I started dancing and growing as a dancer by learning to find physical balance in posture. In dance we can be in the present moment. We can also experience it by walking, cleaning, carpentry or any time we can focus on being in the present moment. Dance helps me because I can focus on the music. Dance helps me to be in… Continue

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You are enough, just you

You are enough just as you are -shining illuminating on earth like a star. Your awake ness is enough to change the world and heal Gaia -she asks nothing more of you than to be connected, to be here. Your place in space-time is sacred as are you, awake, and alive

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Black is the color of my true love's hair

Black is the Color of my True Love's Hair - a beautiful song. I've a friend with whom I was discussing this beautiful idea of returning to god in the ecstasy of love making as the earthly comparison to the high of death. You can see in these lyrics that "'ll write her a letter, just a few short lines, And suffer death ten thousand times...."  This is the highest flight of the human soul. At the time this song was written "to suffer death" also had this greater meaning.

I posted the…


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Chapter One: Elven World, Return of the Tuatha de Danann

Elven World: Return of the Danann

Chapter 1


Bechuille stared at the ceiling and let out a frustrated sigh. All eyes around the table looked up, curious to see if her temper would grow hotter. She glared at Lugh with eyebrows raised. “Let me get this straight. We’re going to free the Otherworld from this curse by battling the Fomorian on the Hill of Tara Earth. The Upper World of Earth?”


Lugh winced, sour from the lemon he’d been tasting and the…


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Pathways of Nature

In the opening of a flower you can find all that we are, all there is to know, the answer to every question you seek, no matter how large or small.

Look to nature where we live, within and without, above in the cosmos and below here on Earth. She will assuage our sorrow; she will free humankind of cruelty and ignorance. She will return us, in each beating moment, to harmony: she is what we are.

We are the same stuff, both seen and unseen. In every flight of the heron, in every…


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Multi Dimensional Awareness is not Schizophrenia

    Just to clarify, in case you ever need to know this information. Schizophrenia is characterized by a breakdown of thought processes and atypical responses. Perception of multidimensional reality is a perception of a known universe. It is well known and expressed in physics and metaphysics. Telepathy is communication without words: communication is a two way experience. "Hearing voices" is not telepathy are not the same. Asking a question and receiving an answer or other conversations…


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Thought I would write a few thoughts as I am here this fresh Iowa morning. The sky parted her lips to smile blue at last today after many days of grey. So quiet here. The birds nip at the breadcrumbs under the tree;, robin, speckled and designed black and white birds whose man made names I do not know.

As I sit morning coffee I wait and hold the hand of my grandmother. I dose the morphine to cool her pain. Outdoors the evening kill of the dogs, a fine rabbit whose cold body lays in… Continue

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I loved

I loved



I loved and I was touched

I loved and I was lost

I loved… and I was befriended

I loved and was ignored


I loved and I was given guidance

I loved and I was lied to

I loved and people changed their minds

I loved and was rejected, put aside, told it would be later


I loved and I was bullied, teased made to feel insecure

I loved but the one I loved was angry

I pretended I loved…


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Multidimensional realities; Faery, Elven and Quantum Physics

The perception of faeries, Elven, Otherkin, as mermaid, perceptions or acceptance of faery orbs, as well as crop circles - all of this is a witness to otherworld realities. 

This grand subject brings breadth and depth to our lives. It brings us peace.   

And it is also very real, as real as the dimension where we most often perceive - 3rd dimensional Earth. 

Without a long explanation which I will provide at a later point (soon), it is…


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The Other World

What is the Other World? Should we all go there? Why are we here on Earth? These are questions you may have asked or may well ask now that I mention it. I am sure you have seen the Other World or you would not be here on this site. Should we all go there? Well, your incarnation is here. You made the choice to be here at some point, and so this is your incarnation. Why? 

Well many people say there is no reason. I ask myself are such people really serious or do they simply mean that…


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Do "Aliens" have a Sense of humor? What About all Potential DImensions?

I was just watching one of these "story of the aliens in ancient times" documentaries on the History Channel. You know the ones that leave you wondering about these manifested spaceships and beings that people are seeing.  Fascinating.

Sometimes I have this fleeting thought: I wonder what life would be like if I were one of "those" types of an aliens? Just because I had a different head shape and a different body shape, I'd probably still be me. We are very lucky to have such pretty…


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Elven World: you Are Legend

If you are reading this, you are Tuatha de Danann, tribe of the goddess Danu. You are Elven, beings of Light, golden; children of the stars and Earth as One. – T.E. Pelton, Elven World Mythologies

We are living the legend of now.

Opening our hearts in this now. Radiant like the sun.

And breathing, taking it all in, refreshing it and then letting go of that breath.

Air is the unseen we all share, where we go when we are completely…


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Elven - Perceptions

The perceptions you have of fantastic and wonderful light beings are very real.  The multi dimensional realities do exist.  We no longer need to view this as a strange perception of a very few. It is a wonderful perception of very many. It is more normal to have those perceptions than to not, so feel assured in this. 

Our work is to attune our vibration to the higher level more constantly. This is a skill that is mastered by practicing the development of these perceptions.  …


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Multi Dimensional Reality

The world as you know it - all that you see, taste, feel and touch, comprises only about 5% of all of the stuff of the universe. The other 95% is what we have considered "nothing" or the "firmament" or the heavens or mystic Other Worlds. This 95% is multi-dimensional and consists of potential realities that may be perceived.


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Isilcermië - the Elven Full Moon of First Harvest Ritual and Meditation

This was cute experience. Although I'm used to way more profi speakers, the lady is doing her best and that counts.I wanna open the topic on elven rituals here, because this video made me wonder about them. This is apparently adapted wicca, which comes from golden dawn... which comes from more ancient sources.I agree that it is very usable even for the elves. The resources from evles who remember their past lives are rare and they seem to rather adapt earthly ways. Valar are earthlings or as I…See More
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