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Negitivity is leeking out of facebook and right into my soul!

Ok first -sorry about the spelling LOL...but lets just get over it and into what I have to say :)

So, I've found an increasingly large amount of negitive energy creeping up on me. I keep trying to push it away. I find alot of it is actually directed at facebook and some of - not all of - its users. The city I live in posts junk about new roads and whathave you..bla bla bla..so I type in crap like "Ya that's great, but what about the flouride in the water and the chlorine? You can't claim to love the people of London Ontario and still continue to posion us!" ..ya I know, I'm not supprises they didn't comment back..but some of their menbers did..

Then some one post some crap about 2010 is the year of world peace..REALLY?! is it now?...So I post some crap about lets bring home the troops so they can celebrate with us. for some reason I dont feel at peace when our troops are abroad..

Then some one claims to know me, like from a past life..There is no such thing as past lives. There is DNA memory, like muscle memory. See I'm an artist and a welder, and a stone carver, because my father was...and guess what, I never met the man...and further did not know he was an artist or a welder till I was about 27 years old. At that time I had already sold paintings and been carving stone since I was 6. I was adopted when I was 3. My mother likes to write, but never told me till I was 27. So like muscle memory, DNA memory is very active in all of us..everything you do is "recorded" in your DNA and past down to others, they (science) has even found a way to not only prove this, but also create what they call a DNA computer! they use DNA to figure out complexed mathimatical equations that would take years for a human to do..in weeks DNA figures it out. So for me, there is no proof what so ever that anyone lived before, or will be reborn again. It dismisses many things. Past lives does not explain GHOSTS (Who aparently mist the rebirth sequence) does not explain HEAVEN (which I've seen with my own two eyes) And does not explain hells (As in astral hells) Which I've also seen with my own two eyes..I died when I was 6 and went to hell. I've seen it.

So needless to say I think this person is a bit off centered believing in past lives...no offence to anyone. But proove to me that you lived before..I mean other than "A feeling" that you've been here before. BIRTHMARKS are NOT proof...many of people have the same heart shaped, or scare shaped birth mark, in the same place..like freckles or beauty marks..they are past down throught DNA and often show up in the same place.

So perhaps I should stop going to face book, cause everytime I go, some ass wipe is talking about bullshit I don't believe in.

There is the "Freeman society" who believe they are "Traveling" and not "Driving" on the road and there for don't need a licence or insurence/ because they are a "Human" and not a "person" and under the law it says all "persons" who "drive" on the roads must have a licence. Their word smithing, and word mining goes one step further to prove that the word "Driver" is some one who drive for commerence, as in gets paid, or drives for money. Taxi drivers, truck drivers, ect. We are there for not "Drivers' we are "Travelers' and under the freedom of rights act we are allowed to freely travel anywhere in the country....Can I just say..STOP SMOKING POT AND GET A JOB! - Do these people just look for excuses on why they cant succeed in this system of things. Granted it is WAY F**cked up, the system is broken in many places...but it works for most of us right? I understand that insurance is bullshit, cause you still have to pay the deductable, and your rates go up, even if you didnt cause the accident. I get that, I understand its BS, but still...WHO do I Sue if you cripple me for life and your some pot smoking freeman on the land with no insurance or a driving licence...so F**cking "Sorry man" just don't cut it. I need coin for the wheel chair I'm going to need after you crush my spine.

The list goes on, and anyone from here who is on my facebook list will see that I'm seriously getting rather pissy with some of these..can I say it?...the word I like to use is "Fucktards" short form for Fucking retards.

Like I said, negitivity is leeking out of facebook and right into my soul!

mabe I need to clear my list of friends to positive people, delete some of the fan groups, and remove all negitivity from facebook on my end.

If you are a good - positive person - feel free to add me Magetrick@hotmail.com or Robert J Denham, either way you will find me :)

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Comment by Robert Denham on April 22, 2010 at 7:23am
I agree with both of you :) Facebook is really stupid, basic, and generates hate for one another. I've since just stopped going there, I refuse to spend my time reading crackpot theories about how much the government is "out to get us" and other BS.

Te Locke I have not meditated in very long time...I DO NOT - EVER- get a moment to myself. I have my son all day, the wife comes home at 3, the kids are home by 3:45, and then their inbed by 9...so needless to say by 9 I'm wiped out myself. As I type right now the TV Is on blaring Cartoons in my ear, kids shows and other crap.

Leith I agree, hanging with the kids is better than watching TV...that said, hanging with the kids is all I seem to do - As primary caregiver, stay at home Dad, I have little time away from the kids.
I agree with the world not being such a cesspit as well....it's full of wonder and beauty, that I know, I love fishing, canoeing, ect...the fools turn it into a hateful place, and bring everyone down.
Comment by Tara Pelton on April 21, 2010 at 7:05pm
never owned a TV never will
meditate instead.

or sing (very loudly)

or watch funny movies

plant is moving too fast right now to open up any cracks ...
Comment by Leith Carnie on April 21, 2010 at 3:08pm
The world is a much nicer place when you get the hell away from BS like facebook. I now pretty much ignore everyone and as a result have almost no dramas in my life anymore. I also have not watched ANY TV since KRSTmas... didn't really watch much before then anyway. I find when I DO watch TV I just get p!ssed off at all the BS they try to force upon people. Brainless entertainment for f#cktards and outright lies and propaganda for "news".
I have my family to keep me entertained and occupied.

Quit farcebook, turn off your TV and just hang with your kiddies.
The world isnt such a foul cesspit if your don't listen to the liars and drama queens hell bent on making you hate everyone.

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