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I've got into my hands quite usefull book named Energetic Vampyrism, (not translated to English yet, original is russian) and I've got more than I expected. Book publised this yar finaly really shows the situation and problem of our society.

Actualy term Nosferatu (plague carrier) quite fits, for that is what these people do and there is damn a lot of them out there in our world. People who cause negativity to allow themselves to drain it from you. They cause people to get ill in long run and if they starve, they get ill themselves. In both cases it can end in death.

The book made me realise the true size of this phenomena, it seems to be quite big thing, but it points on even bigger problem of this society which simply must be solved. That is that we learn to live with setting of lack of energy, not the opposite. From being risen without love of parrents, but in hands of bored teachers, and at home with bored parrents. Agresivity is not problem, but a symptom of this lack of positivity. No one is taught the true value of our own will, thoughts and emotions. Thhat those who feel love and those who are calm in every situation do not have problem with lack of energy and cannot be drained easily. And engative energy is hurting itself. (just a note, negatieve energy and violence do not match completely, but in most cases violence is consequence of this negativity)

Why to say this? Because I'm actualy glad that such books are finaly realeased to the public. The fact that such information is shared is very good sign. I hope that this book will be published in English soon too, as it, except of course some christian junk, is based on experience of people and actualy builds on it. Appearing of such literature is good. Informaion is necessary for start of change in this world. And sharing experiences is great for collecting such information.

Vampires are real, but not all of them are evil.

Actualy, many psychic vampires, who are williing to talk about it or at least take responsibility for their draining I call the noble vampires. Simply because they follow some rules and have moral code. I'm one of them and people don't recognise me as a vamp because I do not take enrgy from them. Nobles use energy of bigger group, hurting each member of it as low as possible or use willing donors, which is act creating no bad carma, actualy it can be positive and pleasurable experience for both willing donor and vamp.

But nobles were already discussed here somewhere else. They are usualy also mages/witches and they tend to be positive people working with darkness and are sometimes much better for the society than some lightworkers. But of course evil people can appear in any spirituality.

And I as a vampire must admit all that this term includes...

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