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Children of the New Earth

Recently I have been researching the next book in the series "Children of the new Earth" So I have had take some time to enjoy children, talking with them, observing them and being with them. At first I thought that these new children will be so much different than myself, that they will not want to be friends and I will be relegated to the "adult" category. Having cared for children without both parents, I was used to being shunned as an adult. Anyway, as I traveled to Ireland and since I have… Continue

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Hill of Tara

i>"He closed his eyes and felt his spirit soar. Tara's sweet smelling grass lay beneath his feet. The cloudless sky seemed to wait for his action..." - Elven World

My return to Hill of Tara was breathtaking and passionate -- more than I expected since, to many, it is just a hill and pastures for sheep. Yet I know, as you do, it is the seat of the Elven kings, home of Tuatha de Danann and the faery mounds.

The road to Tara off the main road from Dublin to Kells. When I… Continue

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Faerytale by Ron Cordes

In FaeryTale, Ron Cordes has told the story of his amazing experiences with the Fae. If you have ever wondered whether the faery folk are real, you might want to read Ron's account to help you learn more. The book also includes pictures -- indeed. Not that this is wonderful experience is something that requires proof. But it is neat to see them.

What's most interesting are the message he receives from the Fae. They are similar messages to the

ones I have heard - about the… Continue

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Blessing for Pamir

Dear Pamir,

Here is the Blessing received for you, please let me know this is now received, remember this is a translation of vibration...

Elven, blessing, Tuatha de Danann, lightworkers, grid workers, star children, crystal child, multi-dimensional reality



Elven Blessing for Pamir

Oh you beloved happy bear! We are so happy to meet you on this channel or web of experience. You are so full of joy it brings such pleasure to… Continue

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LindaJoy Rose Community Work

Thought everyone would be interested to see the fairies at work through the hands of LindaJoy Rose.


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Tara Hill - Needs Your Help

Tara Hill is the spiritual capital of Ireland and is a major cultural and historical monument beloved by people all over the world.

Tara was a center of civilization seven thousand years ago. When you consider that the oldest Egyptian tomb is 5,000 years old, the magnitude of Tara’s historical significance can be better understood.

In April, 2009 scientists unearthed a wooden monument of the size and magnitude of Stonehenge at Tara Hill.

Tara Hill was the seat… Continue

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Elven Legend: History of Tuatha de Danann, Children of Danu, Earth Goddess: Part I

Children of the Earth goddess

Whose voices echo from ages past

Are you buried under heavy mounds

Of grass and stone?

Or do you live among us?

How may we learn your magic?

Tuatha dé Danann in Gaelic means “tribe or children of the Goddess Danu.” Danu is the Earth or Earth Goddess.

People of this race are Elven or Fae.

It is known that their civilization flourished on Earth thousands of years ago. Yet there is… Continue

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Blessing for Sun Song

Sun Song’s Blessing

You are so very blessed Sun Song, how can we bless you more? We will try to put into words, a translation ....

Your Blessing is your gift that is your ability to uplift, enhance and make more beautiful all that is with in your sight.

We do understand the passion you feel, perhaps it feels like a hole in you which can never be filled no matter how much you give, how far you travel or how many friends you have.

What you may not know… Continue

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Elven Blessing for the Marriage of Purple Faery

Elven Blessing today 21 June 2009 For The Wedding of Purple Faery

We are Light Elven; beings of light; rainbow light that fills the essence of all things on this Earth including your physical body.

You are children of Light Elven, children of the Earth, and your body is a song. The waters in your body are singing in harmony with all nature and the cosmos.

Love yourself, child of the Earth.

Just like a plant or animal, when you whisper to it, it… Continue

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The Tree That Bent Down To Kiss The Children

Perhaps you have a tree like this in your town.

In the park in my city there is an old oak tree that grows downward, instead of up to the sun.

Like a grandmother picking up children to place them on her knees, the heavy limbs of that tree's bark is worn smooth by children who climb her day after day year after year.

Every limb is just the right size to sit or lay or put your arms around. She bends gracefully in a way that any child can rest or stretch or hold… Continue

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Harmony with Nature: A Message from Elven world

Our spiritual perception fills our eyes with beauty of Nature: abundant, flowing, infinite.

Our Love is light in our hearts that fulfills us. The Light spills out to others, who soon become our friends.

This magic is so powerful that it extends beyond our home, our glen or farm. It reaches out across the world as a voice in echo, resounding through the canyons.

With this voice we will mold a world to a design in harmony with Our Mother Earth, Father Sea and… Continue

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Elven Time Travel

In the modern world it was Einstein, with his theory of relativity, who popularized Time Travel in the magazines and on TV, opening the doors so long closed, to its "real possibility" and igniting our imaginations.

Ancient worlds may have had the techniques and technology of time travel long ago, but few records of that exists except in collective memory mainly relegated to legend and myth––still too fantastic to be real.

Perhaps it is just plain comfortable to consider… Continue

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Modern Faery Tale

“Modern fairy traditions are about blending the past with the future. In doing this, it helps us as people to evolve so that we can be on equal footing with our technology. We must learn to apply wisdom in using our technology so that it helps us rather than destroys us. Elves and fairies by nature are just the beings to teach us how to build a bridge between nature and technology, so that they can live side by side, nourishing each other and providing for each other’s well-being”

--Sirona… Continue

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Elven Eyes

We believe that Nature -- within and without -- is an expression of our spiritual connection. Nature is the grounding source of our magic that is at once as mystical as it is discoverable in the realm of physics.

Our influence is in our kindness, compassion, art and deep appreciation of each tender vibration in light, color, sound and music, shape, form and song.

You can recognize Elven by the look in our eyes.

It is Love.

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who are elven people

Others, mainly mystics, believe the Elven people are descendants of the Lemurian race who were also beings from a continent which no longer exists though may have been in the location which is now the Indian ocean. Keep in mind the existence of this culture would have occurred tens of thousands of years ago long, long before recorded history as we know it. Mystics postulate that the Elven people were beings of a vibratory nature, light beings so to speak which materialized to a greater or… Continue

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Who Are the Elven People II

Some scholars believe that the Elven people were once the advanced intellects and skilled magicians/scientists of Atlantis and that the diaspora (the move of race from one part of the globe to another) occurred when Atlantean floods sent millions off to various parts of the world to establish in new countries, including Ireland. This would signify their presence on Earth anywhere from 10-40,000 years ago, and in Ireland as late as about 5,000 years ago.

Other esoteric philosophers… Continue

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Tuatha De Danann, Children of the Earth

Elven, blessing, Tuatha de Danann, lightworkers, grid workers, star children, crystal child, multi-dimensional reality

Tuatha de Danann - This name means, in Gaelic, “Tribe of the Goddess Danu” or “Children of the Goddess Danu”. Danu is the Earth, supreme Nature Goddess. The spirits of Nature are our family, our kin, our interconnectedness with the ecosystem of all the earth

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What does it mean to be Elven? Who are the Elven people?: Part I

Elven, blessing, Tuatha de Danann, lightworkers, grid workers, star children, crystal child, multi-dimensional reality

Elven are are aware of being Nature spirits, gods, magicians, and creatures of soul.

Does a tree bloom as beautifully as it does within your sight? I think not. For you are the tree blooming.

That you took a moment to view it, that you bend over and touch the flower's blossom, makes it bend toward you, makes it wish you will walk that way each… Continue

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Celtic Resources

Elven, blessing, Tuatha de Danann, lightworkers, grid workers, star children, crystal child, multi-dimensional reality

There are a number of wonderful books and websites on this subject. You will enjoy Elven World which is an adventure and romance in the Celtic tradition. You may also enjoy 366 Days of Celtic Wisdom and Lore by Carl McColeman. There are many websites with information abounding on a wide range of topics. Look inside your heart to determine if you are… Continue

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Multi Dimensional Reality

The world as you know it - all that you see, taste, feel and touch, comprises only about 5% of all of the stuff of the universe. The other 95% is what we have considered "nothing" or the "firmament" or the heavens or mystic Other Worlds. This 95% is multi-dimensional and consists of potential realities that may be perceived.


ElvenWorld Celtic Fantasy Adventures

Celtic Fantasy, Mythology and Wisdom. Learn more about the Celtic Pantheon at www.elvenworld.org
The Elven World Adventures are part of a culture and community you see here. Please join us and share the wisdom and beauty.

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