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alchemy would be the ingredients to craft crystals, if your an immortal elf you like to create some, wait an order of twenty thousand years and see what you have come up with :D to the scientist a very unsound profession i might assume

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our life is futile merely in the freedom of how useless we are and everything is. as it finds no material struggle against us or within us that we can not defy or comprehend to be false. And in that it is most material, most spiritual and most beautiful.

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it is more pleasurable to serve eachother then debate with ironheads

When you look at a dumb person, who forget what you ever said, and you test him with something stupid, and it just confirms it, and it walks away, and you sit with solumbiqual contempt, remember that that is not us to the universe, so we should n't underestimate the universe. Openness is and generosity, cameradry and kindness in serving eachother is key.

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To me though what is the canaille is the ones who want to rule everything and don't rule shit

and fuck up the earth with their vote and their clumsyness.

but that has been a lot of ordinary people without merit in THIS time rising up.

A leader should lead for his own interests as they reflect the best interests.

Can't that just be esthetics sake?

And what of leadership?

If everything is decorative then a person needs to lead his own surrounds to the best possible…


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"History" "The New" and "the chaos" of esthetics detrimental to esthetics

I wrote a system in self defence against conceptual chaos, which I saw in most part in my years at the academy. The grand total of all that which you now say here is that here is that proves you are wrong is part of the conceptual chaos. I talked to a poet who thought like me back then that words did n't really matter anymore, that they did n't have meaning. I trace all esthetic objects back to artisan styles, every nail can be considered part of medieval or 1910 or 1970's artisan or…


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Degenerate art versus degenerate art.

I'm for communist economics, but what identity and art does it have? Especially now? We can see the subject lacks hands, ears, eyes, boobs, color, (so beautiful as colors are) So marxists say you can't paint your face black? and Black men can't paint their face white? So we reached the opposite of hitler, all modernist and minimalist art, ergonomics and functionality is true? All history is degenerate? All myths? All classical authors? All classical depiction? As atheism when are…


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Futurism and Conservativism

People are obsessed with the past, its beauty and nature, and other people are obsessed with the future or futurism itself. I say let them, lets get these subjectivity and marxism and conservativism down the toilet. And this all babble stacked in some modern office now. And sort out the mess, which I mean to state here, that millions need to go to space ASAP, and millions need to be stacked in classical architecture. Therefore of ESTHETICS we can say a whole lot, since we have to DO it, of…


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Etherith Introduction Poem

Praise the God­dess Who tor­tures

and brings beau­ty to a good end

upon tor­ture bliss may come

Weeps at the sight of a pi­ano

God­dess of In­san­i­ty, Art, Hate and mal con­tent.

Eter­nal­ly un­sat­is­fied with cre­ation

She has in her womb of acid.

A spi­der bit­ing through her stu­moch

to weave her chil­dren wicked and ma­lign.

Cre­at­ed Re­al­i­ty in a kiss with Melan­choly.

God­dess of rain sad­ness and…


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I just realized I’ve gone through trauma in past few weeks. Life is going so fast I’ve just now started to heal. My beloved one nearly died twice. He’s better now miraculously but watching that was soooo distressing in my body. We have the protests and marches and COVID here in Los Angeles. Yet where we are it is quiet and we are on edge of the city near forest so actually birds and owls and we have even a stream. Yet my heart and stomached ache still. It’s just so much to process and then…


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Planning stages of online event... (not mine!)

kincafe on Tumblr is probing the idea of doing a virtual convention. It seems to have acquired the rather prosaic name "Othercon" -- but to be fair, they only floated the idea on the afternoon of June 4th in what seemed to me a kind of offhand way, and were surprised to see as much response as it got, so probably the name was also just come up with quickly so they had something to tag posts with.



Added by Arethinn aTinderel on June 6, 2020 at 12:44am — 1 Comment

human shortcoming

"Humans can be seen as power hungry in that, that they will decide when you give answers, and they will decide when they ask questions. Its not very smart."

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How we hardly survive



The Beginning of Reality as Dream.

"When a child is not naive or ignorant. What then of its happiness? That word is key to the translation of the universe. That word if you knew it as one, or provided the mathematics to it. Is the Key to what is unknown. Before its existence, after its existence, and within existence."

"When a supercreature sits idle, if only for a minute, it discovers itself and is utterly amazed, if a human sits still, which it hardly…


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'The meaning of all of which is fantasy, as it is free, reflection, infinity. But if you are decoratively and with artisan confines a vampire, elve or angel, then you are also that in a meaningfull. Treu way. As all is decorative, and as all meaning is reflection. From yourself, onto others, not form others, onto yourself."

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"Creation Myths and Raven Demons."

"We do not know, why we are alive, BEAUTY, how could someone have bid you such tragedy in that mysery to exist?"

"Like a demon solitude, more fun even it is to play with things that move, or answer things that seem unseen."

"There is a creed that if you are saved by a Demon, you are always in for the most eloquent paths."

"How can you die if you do not know what Death is. And certainly there is not know anything…


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Woven Song was one of the first songs I wrote for 'some kind of peace' but ended up becoming a defining moment of the writing process. It is a metaphor for b...

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